Sunday, August 11, 2019

88 118 | Trump criticized for promoting Terrence Williams conspiracy theory about Jeffrey Epstein's death

This news comes August 11, or 11/8.  A key part of the story is Trump sharing a video by comedian Terrence Williams blaming Bill and Hillary Clinton for Epstein's death.

Death = 118

Notice how Terrence connects Epstein and Trump as well.

11x8 = 88

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  1. He's trying to cement the narrative that Epstein is actually dead, by steering people towards "Who Done It". Epstein is out there, rejoicing in his Resurrection under a new name -- the only real question is -- "Where Is He"? :D ;D
    "Who Done It" = 113 eo
    "Where Is He" = 44 rr, 55 red
    "New ID" = 55 eo


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