Friday, September 13, 2019

34 41 42 54 63 70 139 209 | Eddie Money, dead at 70, September 13, 2019 +The "54" Club

Money has died September 13, 2019.

 He died on the anniversary of Tupac Shakur, who died September 13, 1996.

139, the 34th prime; Murder = 34
9/13/2019 = 9+1+3+2+0+1+9 = 34

He has died at age 70, connecting back to 34.

He's the latest member of the newly formed 54-club, just in time for the new NFL season, ending in Super Bowl 54.

His full name is Edward Joseph Mahoney.

This weekend Tom Brady has a chance at his 209th regular season win, over the Miami Dolphins.

Eddie Money just died at age 54.

The Super Bowl is in Miami.  #54.

Notice the emphasized 'two tickets to paradise'.




This Sunday's game is September 15, 2019, a date with 63 numerology.

9/15/2019 = 9+15+20+19 = 63

He has Berkeley origins, not far from Brady.

Today is 41-days after Tom Brady's birthday.  Super Bowl 41

Two Tickets to Paradise came out in 1978, 41-years ago.

 This happened 41-days after Brady's birthday, or his 42nd day, of being 42-years-old.

Baby Hold On?

The Patriots lost to the Eagles in the 98th NFL season, Super Bowl 52.


  1. C'mon where's the saints overlap...98

    1. Probably changed his mind again since Brown pickup.

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  4. Just uploaded another video to you tube... Lesson 5

    Learn why I picked Rays and Giants friday night for a 2 team +175 parlay

  5. "Pats Win Super Bowl 54" = 98(Single Reduction)
    "NE Wins Super Bowl 54" = 98(Single Reduction)
    "Golden Boy Wins 7th Super Bowl" = 98(Septenary)

    "One Hundredth NFL Season" = 82(Septenary)
    "New England Patriots" = 82(Full Reduction)
    "New England Wins 7th" = 82(Full Reduction)
    "Pats Win 7th Super Bowl" = 82(Septenary)
    "Golden Boy Wins 7th" = 82(Full Reduction)
    "Brady's Bunch Does It Again!" = 82(Septenary)
    "G.O.A.T." = 82(Franc Baconis) - Recall the reading of "The Pet Goat," and dip-shit George W. on 9/11, and then the Pats won the Super Bowl following.

    Miami lost the Super Bowl at the end of the '82-season to Washington(the franchise that once called Boston home, like the Patriots).

    "Patriots Win 7th Super Bowl" = 100(Chaldean
    "Pats Win Super Bowl 54" = 100(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Greatest Of All Time" = 100(Reverse Full Reduction)

    The "Golden Boy" is in his 20th NFL season.

    "G.O.A.T." = 20(Reverse Full Reduction)

    The Pats would have a 7-5 SB record with a win in the 54th.

    "Seven And Five" = 54(Full Reduction)
    "Seven And Five" = 54(Chaldean)

    1. What do 98 and septinary have to do with anything.? Golden boy is not one of his nicknames. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm simply talking and you aren't associating too much. We agree that PATS NAKE it, but there's very little to suggest a win. Look at niners history and sayings etc.. you'll come up with just as much.

  6. 54 is twenty seven doubled. A super 27 club?

  7. Eddie Money equals 99 in English O. and he died 5 months and 23 days after his 70th birthday. 523 the 99th prime


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