Tuesday, September 3, 2019

35 46 | Dorian 'inching' towards United States, September 3, 2019 news

Tomorrow is Wednesday, the day to lookout for with Dorian.

Read more about Dorian and Wednesday, September 4, here:

And notice the emphasis above on 'inching'.


And you have to appreciate that they went to 33-year-old Michael Hynes for a story.
Michael = 33


  1. Hey zach, ive lived in coastal north carolina for all of my 30 years and have experienced at least a dozen Hurricanes. The one thing ive noticed with all of them is, they never make landfall as their promoted "peak intensity". For instance last years hurricane florence just days before hitting us was reported as a huge cat 5 and 4 but made landfall as a cat 1 or 2. Same with dorian this time...it was just days ago one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded, and now as its approaching landfall its all of a sudden 'weakening" rapidly. Without downplaying what these storms are capable of, my point is that they clearly lie about its intensity while its still in the ocean to promote fear. While its out in the ocean we have no proof ourselves and can only choose to accept what the one agency (noaa) says about its intensity

    1. Mike Morales on youtube does an amazing job breaking down the weather. Check him out!

  2. How to make it so hurricanes hit Los Angeles and turn the desert into a forest?


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