Tuesday, October 1, 2019

26 101 | Amber Guyger found guilty of killing of Botham Jean, October 1, 2019

Read prior posts on Amber Guyger killing of Botham Jean here:

You might recall Botham Jean was a 26-year-old killed on the 26th of Elul on the Hebrew Calendar:

This latest news comes on October 1, or 10/1, like 101, the 26th prime.

Today is 390-days after the September 6, 2018 killing.



  1. "Found Guilty on October First" = 333 <<<

    "Shooting Hoax Verdict" = 101 <<< On What Day?
    "Moving Up in the World" = 101
    "Decode Name [Amber Guyger]" = 101

    "Amber Guyger" = 817
    "Masonic Terrorist" = 817
    "Blood Letting Ritual" = 817
    "A Staged Murder Trial" = 817

    "Amber Guyger" = 59 <<< 17th Prime
    "Engiineered" = 59
    "Kill" = 59

  2. I've been watching this so closely bc we used to live in Dallas. Was really glad to see an officer convicted, do you think it was all fake or she just murdered him in cold blood?

    1. It's Staged....

      White Cop kills Black Man.....The Propaganda just repeats over and over...

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  4. What's up with the news reporting him as 26 and 28? I'm seeing 28 on TV. Saw some CourtTV coverage (blecch, felt dirty) and they openly speculated that the prosecutors were trying to get a 28 year sentence, to symbolically reference Botham Jean's age of 28.

    Sorry if you've already addressed this, I only started reading your coverage of this one.

    1. I think I figured out the discrepency.. I was misunderstanding the reporting. They were talking about some celebration of what WOULD HAVE BEEN Botham Jean's 28th bday. Clears that up!


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