Thursday, June 30, 2016

12 57 | Tesla's only known autopilot death, May 7, 2016

May 7, or 5/7?  This ties in with all the "by the numbers" reporting for 'Space X'.

Tesla = 20+5+19+12+1 = 57

5/7 = 5+7 = 12

Tesla = 2+5+1+3+1 = 12


  1. I'm a little tired atm, but do you notice that the human who was killed isn't even mentioned by name or made 'human' at all?

    1. Exactly. I'm pretty sure this story never happened. Plus, this is also about machine overtaking man.

  2. Yes, there was a lot of deflection in this story. The crash killed the driver not a system failure.

    But the 130 million might be telling.

    human sacrifice -- 130 Simple English

    1. They're not saying it, but the crash they are describing normally results in decapitation. Absolutely gruesome, I know, but to at least acknowledge the sacrifice of the human by using a name... I know it's all a part of their agenda, but if they think they're winning hearts and minds, they'd be mistaken.

  3. They always lace the fear on the things people want, self driving cars are a big deal to a lot of people. Supposedly, the next big travel step. I can't fathom it being everywhere.

    1. No. I can't fathom it either. I'd worked in the tech field for a number of years and I just don't have *that* much faith in technology. 1995, I remember trying to buy a Ford Explorer without automatic windows and couldn't. I've had that little faith for at least that long or longer.

  4. Hey Zach, there's a movie you should totally check out; I want to know you're opinion on it. It's called 'Enemy' with Jake Gylenhaal. It's very thought provoking and kind of a mind fuck. In it there seems to be a lot of parallels to our society. Plus it's a pretty good movie, IMO. Probably some relevant coding in it I've overlooked as well.

  5. Tesla autopilot crash=73/91/235*

    Tesla crash=34/52/106*

    Tesla's Autopilot=52/205

  6. TESLA
    SALT E
    ST. ELA
    SEAT L

  7. "The Secret Of Nikola Tesla" is a Great movie -- released 9/12/80 (!) -- starring Orson Welles as J.P.Morgan. But -- it's nearly impossible to find, & never stays up on Yt for very long (I think it's on there now -- well worth enduring the ads -- IF you can get it to actually play!). It's been described as THE most accurate account of his dealings with Morgan & how Westinghouse fit into the picture.

    In it, Tesla is shown demonstrating -- to the U.S. government -- a method for Remote-Control Steering Of Ships. WW1 was brewing, & he'd hoped it would take humans off the battlefield (they turned him down -- claiming they weren't interested).

    That was when CARS were still in the experimental stage!

    Apparently this movie is ONLY restricted in the U.S.! It would seem "someone" doesn't want the masses to UNDERSTAND that Remote Control Of Large Equipment -- such as AIRPLANES, SHIPS, CARS ... & (Hindenberg-type) DIRIGIBLES -- has EVER been possible ... let alone possible since BEFORE They Were Even Introduced To The Public! ;D :D

  8. Just think how many murders can be covered up this way -- hidden behind stories of "Auto-Pilot Gone Awry". Since the "victim" here didn't get ANY mention, I doubt anyone actually died in THIS story ... but I can see how they might be laying the groundwork for future storylines.

    AUTOPILOT HOAX == 949 (J) .... 177 (P) .... ;D :D

  9. Reminds me of the film Maximum Overdrive, which featured cars and trucks driving themselves against humans.


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