Thursday, June 30, 2016

52 66 322 | Game 3 of College World Series runs 3:22, "Six runs in the sixth" June 30, 2016

4-3, in terms of the team it was scripted for, the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, with the game time starting at 1:08 PM local.

The team was 54-18 on the season.  54 and 18 both connect to 'baseball'.

GK Young would hit his 18th home run in the win today, winning the College World Series.

G.K. = 7+11 = 18

There were 'six' runs in the 'sixth' inning, reminding of '66', and Revelation, the book of 'Prophecy'.

6/30/16 = 6+30+16 = 52

Revelation, the Book of Prophecy concludes the New Testament.  Notice the runs scored in the sixth were 4 - 2.

42-generations to Jesus
42-line Bibles

I love that Arizona went down with 33 count at-bats.

The pitch count says 48 for the man who closed out for Coastal Carolina, but on the TV it was 49 during the live game.  That is very interesting, because the total pitch count, 146, is the number that was emphasized a lot last year in the baseball playoffs, especially in connection with the Chicago Cubs.

Notice the game ended at 3:22 playing time.  Yesterday there was a 2 hour 23 minute rain delay.

It was the number 108 and 223 I used in Spring Training to predict the Cubs winning the World Series.

And you have to love that the Chanticleers were coming off the 5-4 win, with their 54-win season.  Oh baseball.

Arizona went down on what was earlier reported to be the 49th pitch by the reliever with a strikeout.

Revelation is based on the 39-Books of the Old Testament.  Revelation is the book of 'prophecy'.  Six runs in the sixth, Revelation the 66th Book.


  1. Six Runs in the Sixth?

    "Six Runs" = 34 [Reflection of 43] &
    "Six Runs" = 124 = "Fifty Two"
    "Prophecy" = 52

    "Sixth" = 57(Jewish)
    "Fifty Seven" = 131 = "Championship"

    "Six Runs in the Sixth" = 89 & 156(E)
    [911 is the 156th Prime]

    "Complete" = 89 = "Success"
    [89 is the 24th Prime]

  2. My internet has been down for almost 2 days, finally working again. My stupid Dish Network also been going out. Finally got my tv working in the top of the 8th. I noticed # 18 was pitching for Arizona. If Arizona would've won it would've been the 18th CWS for a PAC 12 team. That didn't seem to fit the fact it was Arizona's 17th time being in the CWS, and also the 17th game of this CWS. Seemed fitting for them to stay on 17 win for the PAC 12. "Seventeen"=37, 55, 109, "Omaha Nebraska"=46, 55, 64, 109. I noticed too in regards to Buddy Ryan his Career record was 55-55-1. Fifty Five=54. Ultimate Warrior died age 54. He even died in Arizona. He died after WM XXX in New Orleans. Same place Undertaker=54 loses for the first time in WM. Buddy Ryan's 85' Bears SB XX in New Orleans. New Orleans=54, 126. Fifty Four=54, 126

    1. It may have been CC's pitcher who was # 18, have to go back and look, but one of the pitchers was for sure.

    2. you were wrong once again Dan

    3. Mike when do you have the Indians winning streak ending?

    4. Noticed "Alex Cunningham"=146 got the save, and "Andrew Beckwith"=146 got the win. CC pitched 146 pitches too. Chanticleers named after "Geoffrey Chaucer"=146 Prince of Wales=146 United Kingdom=146 "Dish Network"=146 lol seriously pry why mine wasn't working, who knows. Might be overdoing it but also find interesting that. "One Hundred Forty Six"=100 GK Young=100 One Hundred=54=Chanticleers=Coastal Carolina=Sammy Didonato=Rafiki College founded in 1954, Omaha founded 1854. Baseball=54 54th win with 5-4 score. Obama is 54. Michelle Obama=54. David Cameron resigns so we are awaiting the 54th Prime Minister. David Cameron=55, 109=Omaha Nebraska. He was also born on 10/9. Boris Johnson isn't running now, but "Michael Gove"=55, 100 is. The Conservative Party leadership election set for 9/9/16. 9/9 the day Eliz II became longest reigning Monarch last year. Prime Minister=78,87, 168 Queen Elizabeth II=87, 168 UK left EU 78 days before 9/9.

    5. i say cle streak ends tom

  3. Replies
    1. Year of the Underdog--191

      But really it is the

      Year of the Dead Celebrity- --216

    2. Underdog--88=8+8=16

      So both.


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