Thursday, June 30, 2016

42 44 96 106 666 | '666', the 'prophecy' code? The Bobby Jindal example

The A-OK hand sign, also sometimes used by Occultists to signal 666, is something I now wonder about being the 'prophecy' code.  Above is Governor Bobby Jindal, a Freemason puppet, born by the numbers of 'prophecy' on June 10, 1971.  He is one of many men in high places having connections to 'prophecy' and 'revelation'.

666 made infamous in Revelation, the Book of Prophecy

Bobby Jindal was born June 10, 1971.

6/10/1971 = 6+10+19+71 = 106
June 10 is commonly written 10/6

Last year Bobby Jindal was a big part of the 'Trainwreck' theater shooting hoax, a hoax coming 44-days from his birthday.  Remember the train wreck months earlier was traveling 106 mph in the city of 'prophecy'.  These events were interconnected as discussed last year.


  1. I never ever liked this slime. Reptilian

  2. The hand symbol is 3 things I have read about in my non - gematriatic studies.

    All seeing eye.
    And a play on the Saturn fingers.

    Watch Uncle Don and his constant use during his speeches. It is a forced and unnatural speaking gesture. You don't need numbers for that shit.

    1. It is actually not true that it is unnatural. Many people bring their thumb and index finger together when speaking, myself included.

    2. Well if it is natural, it means nothing for 99.9%, and one shouldn't be able to decipher the "gang sign" from a non - gang member's usage in public so easily. I suppose it is the thumb and middle or pinky that are MORE awkward. It is a witch hunt for people using the a-hole sign then wouldn't you say? But I believe in the "witch hunt" and am done defining my position. I am a 616 coder anyway. Mis-translation got us 666.

      Also on a side note 4 of the 5 people I work with are truth seekers now.

    3. If one or two of them did it, I'd be like "ok, just a funny coincidence", but when you look into how many of these people flash the signs, it becomes clear that they know exactly what they're doing. They are extremely smart, and knew to create duel meanings for each sign. They love their duality.

  3. It's the international gesture for "burn one down" =55/870. Could go either "heil saturn" =55, or "truth" =87, depending on the source.

  4. To me its not about what you do , ors about your MOTIVES behind doing it...there are billions of innocent people who do it without knowing these zionist totalatarian tyrants are signaling 666, so its all about Motive and purpose

  5. Replies
    1. The Wiki-Page for the OK Sign is pretty interesting. It closes with a bit about conspiratards id'ing it with Freemasons or the Illuminati and how it can be both positive and negative, thus causes confusion.

      Also, last edited 26 days ago.


  6. You see that gesture in old paintings esp religious art, always look at the hands. It's a way to signal 2/3 I think. Two fingers touching forming the O and 3 fingers r in the air.
    The same with the "devil horns" hand sign two down and three up just different fingers.

  7. My birthdate equals 106, So what does that mean for me just an ordinary truth seeker? Its makes me worried.


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