Tuesday, June 28, 2016

98 223 | March 22, 2016 Belgium Airport "Terror" to June 28, 2016 Istanbul Airport "Terror", 98-Days Later

151, the 36th prime number

The reporting of '10' instantly reminds me of the October 10, 2015 Ankara, Turkey bombings, 10/10/2015.  That was 262-days earlier.

That sounds like a similar scene to the March 22, 2015 Belgium Airport scene.

You might recall that on March 22, or 22/3, it was the 'Maelbeek Metro Station' that was also bombed, and it was the first terror attack in Belgium in 223-weeks'.

That was 98-days ago, corresponding with 'Istanbul'.

The three months and six days comes back to the original headline, '3 and 6', and '151'.

Recall, the word 'Prophet' has gematria of '98' as well, and all of this is according to 'prophecy', as written, as scripted.



  1. Today really is a perfect day to die, lots of it going down.

    1. It's like the media is playing out the mad scene in the opera Lucia di Lammermoor. All these dramatically ridiculous stories coming faster and faster. Did u see the gun control story about the lady in Texas who shot her two daughters before the cops killed her? It's beyond stupid. The name is Christy Sheats which sounds to me like Christian Shits. She was 42 and looks like a drag queen alien. Oh, and the family lived on Remson Hollow drive. Rem as in REM sleep because you'd have to dreaming to believe this poop

    2. The two daughters were named Taylor and Madison, which to me reminds me of the presidents Zachary Taylor and James Madison.

      FYI there is a 49/50 connection with Zachary Taylor, as he became president in 1849 but died in 1850.

      Remember that Super Bowl 50 was in the 49ers' stadium, like the 1849 Gold Rush in California, like San Fran is 7x7 square miles. The game started at 3:30 p.m. PST on California's coast, like the entangled whale at 3:30 EST from earlier today

    3. I just talked earlier about this being the 180th anniversary of Madison's death.

  2. Istanbul
    Gematria Jewish 462
    Gematria Reduction 26
    Gematria Summerian 588
    Gematria Ordinal 98
    Gematria English 692

    Gematria Jewish 795
    Gematria Reduction 28
    Gematria Summerian 600
    Gematria Ordinal 100
    Gematria English 1315

    Istanbul Turkey
    Gematria Jewish 1257
    Gematria Reduction 54
    Gematria Summerian 1188
    Gematria Ordinal 198
    Gematria English 2007

    Istanbul was formerly named Constantinople after Emperor Constantine the Great, and was dedicated on 11 May 330.
    (330 AD to 1453 AD)

    Gematria Jewish 608
    Gematria Reduction 60
    Gematria Summerian 1062
    Gematria Ordinal 177
    Gematria English 888

    Coordinates: 41°00′49″N 28°57′18″E

  3. From Trip Turkey
    "Christianity's heritage in Turkey is exceptionally important, not only because there are many references in the New Testament to the sites and the people of Anatolia, but also because Christianity turned into a social and political institution in this part of the world."

    Gematria Jewish 222
    Gematria Reduction 28
    Gematria Summerian 438
    Gematria Ordinal 73
    Gematria English 352

  4. Chapter 33 of Turkey's EU accession process to be opened on Thursday

    1. Chapter thirty-three -- 227/101/1152

      One you get into Chapter 33 you can never get out.

    2. Great find.

      "A total of 16 chapters will have been opened after Chapter 33 opens this week... there were still five chapters being blocked by the Greek Cypriot Administration."

      16:5 or 5:16 ???

      June 30, 2016
      6 30 2016
      6 + 30 = 36 (Three 6s)
      20 + 16 = 36 (Three 6s)
      6 + 3 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 18 (3 x 6; Three 6s)

    3. 3 terrorists
      3 explosions - 2 in terminals and 1 in a parking lot

  5. The panels on the floor seem placed there .. I've broken ceiling tiles by just removing them carefully. How does an explosion go off and all the tiles land perfectly none charred or broken.. Another b.s set

  6. CNN reporting 28 dead 60 injured
    Looks like 28/6 which is today's date

    1. Twenty eight dead sixty injured = 132

      Also 28+60 = 88

    2. And 2+8=10+6=16
      16 date and 16 year

      I'm thinking August 12 is a day to watch. It will be the 32nd anniversary of the closing day of 1984 Olympics which ended with a big UFO descending and a 7 foot 8 inch tall, 6 fingers alien pops out and salutes. If you've never seen it check it out on toutube it's fabulously nutz.
      1984 was 16 years before the year 2000 and here we r 16 years AFter. That's special and there is no way they will let it go by unacknowledged

  7. Istanbul? No, InstantBull.

    I noticed in the pictures the ambulance they keep showing is 112 and it has a crescent moon before it that looks like the letter C, making it C112 or 3112

  8. 98 days later....

    Terrorist Attack = 809

    1. this happened 16 days after the pulse shooting...

      One Six = 86

    2. There are 186 days remaining until the end of the year.

      Terrorist Attack = 198

      Isis =198

  9. 49 ambulances arrived at the scene? Who the hell has 49 ambulances to dispatch and at a moments notice?

    1. Were there 49 ambulances during 911? This is straight bullshit. The "damage" is a joke. Bombs blow shit up not give scratches and knock a few things on the ground

    2. "As of 2016 there are 49 known perfect numbers in total."
      June 28 is a perfect number.
      (See Zach's earlier post on the death of Pat Summit). We were discussing today's date.

    3. No, not bullshit, it's istanbullshit.

  10. Ex Indianapolis Colt Zurlon Tipton of the dead at 26


  11. Off topic but I wanted to throw this out there to Zach's smart bloggers for their thoughts. In a dream the other night, a movie poster image was flashed in front of me.
    "3200" was in bright red lettering (Gothic type font) surrounded by black thorns. Scary movie trailer stuff. There may have been other words but I only caught the number for it was just a snapshot in time in my head. Any significance to 3200?

    1. Ha, ha! No.
      It had a very "Maleficent" look about it.

    2. 3200 days = 8 years, 9 months, 5 days

    3. The satanist have the number 6 programmed in just about every place you look. Starting today pay attention to commercials , six coded everywhere!, listen to people at work or in public , #6 referenced. It's all around US 🙈

    4. Three thousand two hundred zero
      Gematria Jewish 2717
      Gematria Reduction 138
      Gematria Summerian 2124
      Gematria Ordinal 354
      Gematria English 3207

    5. 3200 days ago was 9/24/2007. The only big news item I saw was a terrorist attack in Kosovo (of course). A bomb exploded killing 2 injuring 12. The bomb damaged several shops on "Bill Clinton Boulevard" in the city of Pristina (yes you read that right, Bill Clinton Boulevard).

      Kosovo -- 97/25/950
      Pristina -- 106/43/389 (43 - Kosovo, home to a civil war).
      Pristina, Kosovo -- 203/68/1339
      Bill Clinton Boulevard -- 222/87/1375

      9/24/2007 - 9+24+20+7 = 60
      9/24/2007 - 9+24+2+7 = 42
      9/24/2007 - 9+2+4+2+7 = 24
      9/24/7 - 9+24+7 = 40

      Uhhmm, whatever, definitely not a decoding that's going to blow anyones doors off.

    6. Thank you Ed. The impression just stuck with me. Maybe it was an address like "Nightmare on Elm Street".
      Don't go in the house at 3200...

    7. I know you said Gothic font but this came to mind.


    8. Thank you mad1dog. Not what I dreamed but the poster is creepy. The plot is not too cheery either.

    9. No problem.

      Just ran the numbers on: "thirty two hundred"=88/232

      144 apart.

  12. Zach u see the Colts RB sacrificed today?

  13. Nah, no fear mongering, I'm thinking some sort of alien display. Or hell, maybe even actual aliens. Singing and dancing ones preferably

  14. We smokin dat zurlon weed, we smokin dat what? We smokin dat zurlon weed, we smokin dat what?

  15. Nobody cares about Istanbul lol

    1. Why is the ESPN ticker under NFL tab showing buddy Ryan dead at (85) lol ?
      It's on the college World Series game

    2. National Football League = 85

    3. Won Super Bowl in '85 season.

  16. Turkey is an important area to the new world order. There are several references in Bible to the anti Christ being called "the Assyrian". Turkey and Syria is known as Assyria

  17. Turkey/time

    Consider how obsessed the media is with butts both imagery and word play. Its like they are always MOONing us.

    An ass is also a donkey or beast of burden


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