Thursday, June 30, 2016

96 142 | Twice a terror victim, CNN feature story about Dr. Fathi Bayoudh, victim of Istanbul Airport bombing, June 28, 2016

Freemason = 96

Why am I having 'Mason Wells' de ja vu from the Brussels Airport bombing hoax?

Tunisian Doctor = 74 (Masonic)

Subliminal programming?



    You already know
    Kill = 10+9+20+20 = 59
    Muhammad Tarayra = 4+3+8+1+4+4+1+4+2+1+9+1+7+9+1 = 59
    Hallel Ariel = 8+1+12+12+5+12+1+18+9+5+12 = 95 (Reflection)

  2. Nice how they ended with "mission in Somalia". We can expect news of an ISIS attack there soon -- they're probably filming it now. Geez -- this piece oozes propaganda ... spewing all kinds of emotionally-driven Key Words.

    (1) DR. ... (2) FAITH (simple anagram for Fathi) ... (3) TUNISIA (where the "Arab Spring" began -- the False Movement that Hillary "gives herself credit for" ... (4) IRAQ & ANWAR -- the country & province whose very MENTION is going to inflame the emotions of veterans & their families ...

    No doubts about why this bullshit piece was run NOW -- right before July 4th ... when America's propaganda-driven Patriotic Fervor reaches it's Yearly Peak. So ... How, exactly, is all the (borderline hysterical), Flag Waving, "DEVOTION TO MY COUNTRY -- No Matter What!" ... NOT similar to (supposedly) "Ramadan Induced" events? Just wondering ... since we're TOLD that both holidays APPARENTLY stir up such intense Feelings of Devotion, that "certain types of people" feel compelled to PROVE their Devotion with Dramatic Actions.

    It's "The RETURN Of The PARADOX" -- One man's Devotional Display is another man's Terroristic Threat. I can see the posters now ...

    "Independence Day ... or Ramadan ... Which One Will YOU Choose?" ;D :D

  3. The IDEOLOGY behind this bullshit piece is announced in the final sentence. "Sahbi Bachrouch" is (Right To Left) referencing BARUCH SPINOZA -- the undisputed philosophical darling of Zionists & The Think Tank Set. They want US to believe that Spinoza promoted "equality" ... & that he broke away from his Judaic upbringing ... but BOTH are complete lies.

    The FACTS: in the 1600s, Spinoza sold (for actual $$) the Royalty Of Europe his METHODOLOGY FOR CONTROLLING THE MASSES -- ("Tractatus Theologico"). He guaranteed that by following his Ideology, "Peasant Uprisings" would NEVER pose a REAL Threat To Power -- Not EVER again.

    RELIGION & CONTROL OF KNOWLEDGE were to be used as TOOLS -- To EMBED Utter & Complete CONFUSION. Once deprived of the ABILITY to Think Clearly, the peasants would forever "SPIN" themselves in Pointless Circles (PC).

    They ALL adopted his "Program" -- & it's been working beautifully ever since. (The PR crowd has honored him by coining the term "SPIN".)
    Skip what's on wiki -- it's nothing but "Spin". Instead seek out what John Taylor Gatto -- & other TRUTHFUL People -- have revealed about Spinoza & how deeply cherished his Policies are by TPTB. ;D :D

  4. I turned off the TV for about 10 days, you would be amazed at how much that cleanses the soul.


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