Sunday, December 30, 2018

46 | The two gunshot to the head "suicide" of Gary Webb, December 10, 2004, author of Dark Alliance

Gary Webb is remembered for his work connecting the CIA to funneling drugs into Los Angeles.  It was published in the San Jose Mercury News and in his book, Dark Alliance.

Notice his death was blamed on a suicide, where he was shot TWICE in the head.  Hmmm...

The day he died was a date with 46 numerology, connecting to 'sacrifice' and 'Dark Alliance'.

12/10/2004 = 12+10+20+04 = 46

No doubt, this was another murder by numbers.  Gary Webb = 38 / 83; Murder = 38 / 83

What's interesting about the Gary Webb story, is his work for the paper revolutionized news media on the world wide web.  In 1996, when it was uploaded to the internet by the paper, it was a time when searching for news information was not yet common online.  

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