Tuesday, December 25, 2018

9 21 26 51 63 89 | 21 Savage apologies for ASMR Jewish Money lyrics, Decemebr 24, 2018

Following LeBron's apology, comes the apology of 21 Savage.


Notice how his birth name Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph syncs with 'King James'.

This story comes during a religious holiday.

King James has a Bible named after him.

Keep in min there are 89 chapters in the New Testament.

Further, notice 21 Savage is 26-years-old, the 'dollar' number.

The December 24 news came 9-weeks after his birthday, and the song he is apologizing for is the 9th song on the album:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Am_Greater_Than_I_Was

They said LeBron's instagram post went out to 45-million people. 
45, the 9th triangular number; Holy Bible = 45 / 45; Holy Bible, 9 letters

It was also 63-days later.

Notice how the release date of the album syncs with the name and the song in question.

12/21/18 = 12+21+18 = 51

It's all planned, as part of an ongoing conspiracy, to protect one group of people, who rule at the expense of all others.

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