Friday, December 28, 2018

39 43 57 103 111 115 | Death of Chris Burrous, Los Angeles newsman, at 43, December 27, 2018 

This Glendale, CA related death happened December 27, a date with 39 numerology.

12+27 = 39

12/27 is 3/9 in numerology (12 is 1+2 = 3 & 27 is 2+7 = 9)

This code is important to Masonry.

This news is from the same day New York's sky was lit up blue.

39 is a signature number of the gang that murders by the numbers.

Recall after September 11, the World Series was between New York and Arizona, the only two teams from states with Reduction Gematria of 39.

Recall further that September 11 leaves 111-days left in the year.

The New York incident of December 27 was blamed on a 'transformer explosion'.

Now notice that Chris Burrous was born on January 11, or 1/11, in light of his death coming the same day as this news spectacle.

Notice his father has connections to NASA... (in light of what happened in New York).

Think NASA and Project Blue Beam...

The name Chris connects to the date of his death as well.

12/27 = 12+27 = 39
12/27/18 = 12+27+18 = 57

Notice he was 43-years-old and and the call was placed at 1:15.

The street 'Pioneer Drive' has fateful gematria as well.

Glendale is also on the 34th Parallel North and 118th Meridian West.

Murder = 34
Death = 118

Notice they've already started the overdose rumor.

The hotel, 'Days Inn', has fitting gematria.

103, the 27th prime, and dead on the 27th... like so many in the 27 club...

The date numerology equated to 57, tying in with the 'Scottish' and 'Scottish Rite' theme.

12/27/18 = 12+17+18 = 57

And if you were for KTLA news, watch out.

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