Thursday, December 27, 2018

80 112 188 | U.S.'s oldest man, Richard Overton, dies at 122, December 27, 2018 news

 I love how CNN tosses Uber and Twitter into the story about San Francisco's drug use.

Who can forget this picture?  Nice horns.

And on this slow news day, we get to hear about the death of a 112-year-old man.

If you keep track of the stories of the world's oldest people dying, you realize they make no sense.  For example, two years ago or less, the world's oldest person died, and they were 106-years-old.  So how 2-years later, can the oldest person be 6-years older than they were?  We've documented this a number of times in the years we've been keeping track.

The 188th Aviation Engineer Battalion?

Bavarian Illuminati = 80 / 188
Richard Overton = 80; Overton = 80 


1942, emphasis on '42.

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