Saturday, January 6, 2018

47 58 70 88 146 151 187 | Lisa Simpson, Ivanka Trump & President Donald Trump +That Purple Outfit

Remember the Simpon's episode about Donald Trump being the last President before the first female President, who becomes Lisa Simpson?  Now there is the narrative with Ivanka Trump becoming the first female President...

Also, don't overlook the purple...

The episode is 'Bart to the Future':

Don't forget Trump entered his GOP Convention, 88-days after the Queen's birthday, to music by the band Queen, also from the U.K.

Remember Bill and Hillary in purple, conceding to Trump?

Also, don't overlook that her father was the winner of the 58th U.S. Presidential Election.

-Donald announced he was running from 58-story Trump Tower
-He hired 58-year-old Steve Ray for the 58th U.S. Presidential Inauguration

Read this post here for more info:

More Ivanka information:

Bart to the Future, March 19, 2000:

Read about the writer of the Simpson's:

This episode debuted March 19, written 3/19, or 19/3.

193 is the 44th prime; Trump is the 44th person to be President
Masonic = 319; Lucifer = 319

March 19, 2000, was the 79th day of the year.  The Synagogue of Satan = 79

The number 79 is the 22nd prime;  Ivanka = 22 (Reduction)

3/19/2000 = 3+19+20+00 = 42 (D.C. = 42) (Freemason = 42) (Lady = 42) (Female = 42)

Also, Season 11, Episode 17?

11x17 = 187

Remember, it was a span of 187-days from Trump's July 18, or 18/7 convention start, to Inauguration Day, in Washington D.C...

For the record, if Trump served 8-years (doubtful), he would exit at age 78.  March 19 is typically the 78th day of the year.

*Trump, a Scottish Rite Freemason, and a Jesuit.

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  1. Look up the Purple Gang, from the 1920s. They were all Jewish.


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