Saturday, January 27, 2018

52 77 104 113 135 239 | Gene Steratore, head ref for Super Bowl 52, and his records with the Patriots and Eagles

You have to love that Gene Steratore has officiated the Eagles 13 times, coming into the Super Bowl that has a lot to do with 13.

If the Eagles, won, they would become 11-3, like 113.

-Eagles = 113
-Eagles and Patriots last played 113-weeks before Super Bowl 52

If the Eagles lost, they would become 10-4, like 104.

7/4/1776 = 7+4+17+76 = 104

Notice his first game was September 23, 2007...  it was September 23 this year that I was able to predict the Super Bowl as Patriots and Eagles.

23/9.... 239... flag sewn at 239 Arch St. in Philadelphia...
239 is the 52nd prime number...  Flag = 52
The flag has 13-stripes...

You'll noticed that game tallied 77-points...

The Patriots and Eagles would be 7-7 all-time with an Eagles loss.

So far the Patriots are 1-0 when playing the Eagles with Gene Steratore.  That game also combined to 59-points, the 17th prime, and this Super Bowl is to close out the '17 season.

On the flip side, if the Patriots won with the ref, they would become 13-5.

Bold North = 135
Fly Eagles Fly = 135
The Key of David = 135 (Revelation 3:7) (Patriots= 37)
10/26/1682 = 10+27+16+82 = 135 (Philly's date of establishment)
*135 is "the number" in Philadelphia...

If the Patriots lost, they would be 12-6...

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