Wednesday, January 31, 2018

37 48 52 131 224 | NBA clues, January 31, 2018, Celtics over Knicks and Nets over 76ers

Both of these games were played January 31, 2018.

1/31... 131... Super Bowl = 131; Championship = 131

Notice the Celtics played a team from New York, and so did the 76ers...

The NFL league office is in New York.  Remember my calls to Robert Roberts?

The Celtics picked up their 37th win in their 52nd game, just days before Super Bowl 52.

Patriots = 37

It will be Tom Brady's 37th playoff game, in Super Bowl 52.

*103, the 27th prime; NFC could win 27th Super Bowl


*Steelers = 103

Patriots could tie Steelers with 6 Super Bowl wins, beating the Eagles, who were once merged with the Steelers.

The Philadelphia 76ers lost with 108-points.

Bold North = 108; 108 game balls for the Super Bowl

Notice the 224 combined points.  Tom Brady can pick up his 224th win by being victorious in Super Bowl 52.

It was also the 76ers 48th game.  Super Bowl 52 is the 48th Super Bowl of the modern era.

Also, with regards to the 76ers being 24-24, the Super Bowl is on 2/4.

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