Saturday, January 27, 2018

13 30 52 113 126 | Warriors beat Timberwolves, 126-113, January 25, 2018 +Super Bowl 52 & NBA history

This game is noteworthy in light of the rigging in the NBA and NFL.

*113+126 = 239 (52nd prime)
*113, the 30th prime; LII = 30 (LII = 52 in Roman Numerals)
*It is 113-weeks from last Patriots vs Eagles game to Super Bowl 52 

Minnesota and the Warriors (from Philadelphia) were two of the best teams at start of NBA.  Of course Minnesota is hosting Super Bowl 52, which Philadelphia is in...

The 126-points for the Warriors is reminiscent of them closing out the 2017 NBA Finals on June 12, or 12/6, and beating the Cavs with 126 on MLK Jr. Day, 2017.

It was the Warriors 49th game of the season.

Warriors = 49; NFL = 49; Super Bowl = 49

Notice the Warriors also won by 13, a big number on the Super Bowl... in Minnesota...

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