Friday, November 11, 2016

42 44 47 88 119 193 | Bart to the Future, Simpson's episode, March 19, 2000 (Lisa Simpson follows Donald Trumo)


The All-Seeing Simpsons, written about on November 9, or 11/9.  Or, just another "9" "11" predictive programming incident from the Simpson's show.

I think the phrase 'The All Seeing Simpsons' was thought out as well.

Back to the future... travel speed... 88mph...

Sixteen years ago... Sixteen = 33; Voting = 33; Federal = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33

88 = 8+8 = 16

Let us examine the episode in detail.

Notice it is Lisa Simpson who becomes President.

Think about the title of the episode, 'Bart to the Future'.  In the film 'Back to the Future', they time-travel at 88mph.  TRUMP = 20+18+21+13+16 = 88

3/19/2000 = 3+19+20+00 = 42 (Female = 42) (Lady = 42) (Freemason)
3/19/2000 = 3+19+(2+0+0+0) = 24
3/19/2000 = 3+1+9+2+0+0+0 = 15
3/19/00 = 3+19+00 = 22

That date can also be written 19/3, a lot like '193', the 44th prime.

Trump has been elected the 44th person to be President.

888 weeks from that episode will be the date March 26, 2016.  That is the 85th day of the year.

Hillary = 8+9+12+12+1+18+25 = 85

That will be 65-days after Inauguration Day.

Bart to the Future.

Trump went to 'Fordham'.

It should be noted that Lisa Simpson is wearing 'purple' when she becomes President in that episode.

Purple = 88; Program = 88; Trump = 88



    thought i'd share this with you, may have already seen it


  2. Remember the 141st Preakness in Maryland was on the 141st day of the year?
    811 is the 141st prime looking like 8th of November or 118 for death
    From Preakness 5/21 to Election Day 11/8 is 171 days
    1109 is the 171st prime looking like (119) the day trump was elected 11/9
    Preakness is in Maryland won by Kent desmoreaux this year riding exaggerator
    Kent desmoreaux=58

    1. Desmoreaux =44 =kill
      Desmoreaux = 125 like the date of Preakness backwards

  3. México beat USA soccer for the first time in 44 years (last win in USA territory in 1972)

  4. Bart to the Future; first the Cubs win, then the Donald. Matt Groening is a real POS.

  5. From Donald's Trump's birthday to inauguration day. He will be 70 years old , 7 months, and 7 days old... 777

  6. From Donald's Trump's birthday to inauguration day. He will be 70 years old , 7 months, and 7 days old... 777

  7. Zach, wasn't there an episode of the Simpsons where Price, Neil Armstrong, and George Clooney die? I remember you doing a vid on that back in April. Some interesting thoughts:

    George Clooney = 722 (Jewish Gematria)

    Not only connected to Pi, but also the assassinations of Lincoln, Kennedy, and attempted assassination of Reagan (2:27pm).

    John Hinckley, who we've had a ton of stories on lately, shot Reagan to impress Jodie Foster, so the story goes, after watching the movie 'Taxi Driver'. Taxi Driver, of course, based off of Arthur Bremer shooting George Wallace, who was often compared to Trump. We know all of this and how it connects to 523, 99, 13, etc. Anyway, George Clooney recently starred in the Jodie Foster directed 'Money Monster' (MM 44). Trump also said at once point that he was Batman. Clooney's Batman is unanimously considered the worst, much like what I expect about Mr. Combover's Presidency. I don't know if this means Clooney is going to bite the dust soon, or if he will somehow be involved with Trump's staged assassination, or if it's just another clue for Trump's assassination. It's good to document, though.

    1. Get this, that episode aired november 2 2008 (11/2/08)

    2. Prince died on the 112th day of the year... excellent work gentlemen. Out of all the videos I made about Trump, my favorite was when he said, "I am Batman", and all the Batman related people started dying.

    3. Joker is Batman=138=Donald Trump

      Joker is Batman=1018J

      President Joker=169, 1138

      President Batman=161, 966

      President Bruce Wayne=227

    4. Batmans Cowl=123

      DC Heroes=77

      Separate Man from Bat=188

  8. "Bart To The Future" also TEACHES that people can be LURED away from the life they were meant to have, & TRAINED to serve a system that benefits from the misery of others. Consider the "wise Indian elder" -- now running a casino -- no longer a son to his Mother Earth.

    1. The word LURED rings a bell for me. I was just thinking about how they put pictures of missing/kidnapped children on milk cartons. Thats a joke, i think, about us living in the Milky (a)Way galaxy.

      The newest Star Wars movie had a theme about kidnapped children, the character Fin was taken by the Empire to become a stormtrooper, and the heroine Rae was also removed from her family. Just like every Disney movie we've ever been shown - the character is seperated from the home/relatives early on.

      The recent stories about clowns in the woods trying to entice kids to follow them fits in with it as well.

    2. That's what happens to the people of this world, they're LURED into believing all the wrong things, making all the wrong decisions. I haven't seen the episode, so thank you for this info.

    3. Zach -- I felt it was a much-overlooked theme in the story, & it's always irked me how it left kids with the impression that All Indians Are Rich thanks to casinos. Besides that fallacy, there's a subtler message that the misery caused by casinos is okay -- because it's giving the Indians their "just revenge". Don't feel bad for the Indians -- they managed to come out on top after all. Actually -- THAT message ISN'T subtle at all. ;D

    4. Pru -- I agree -- messaging about LURED kids IS everywhere. Your comment reminded me of the post just a few days ago about the 50 year old cold case where the girl was lured to her death by a man offering piggy-back rides.
      These movie themes -- especially in kids' movies -- about kids always winding up without their parents ... is everywhere. I used to think it was meant to scare parents into keeping their kids close ... but I don't see it that way anymore. It's become pretty obvious that the message is directed at the kids -- almost normalizing the idea that if you're separated from your parents don't worry -- you'll come to see that it was actually GOOD FOR YOU.
      Your analogy with the Milky Way & milk carton kids was great! It never made sense ... but now I'm starting to see it. It sounds crazy, but I've sometimes wondered how many snatched kids might actually have been sent "somewhere" to begin the colonization of a New World. History tells us that the elite like to have everything running tip-top BEFORE they arrive. Someone's got to do all the hard & dangerous work -- & kids would be perfect for that. They grow up not remembering much else, & you can get a lot of years labor out of their healthy young bodies. Anymore, I don't discount any possibilities! :D

    5. The clowns wear suits
      The woods are the polls
      The children all voted and now they cried
      The piper has piped
      They've been led away and now back to the Merry-Go-Round
      It makes one sad watching Zombies eat each other

    6. Awesome, Lord!
      BTW: Hope the fires & smoke aren't worse. Did you know there's almost no media coverage of it? I only found one mention -- from channel 11 alive (tv?). Other than that nothing. Seems like it'd be bigger news, especially if FEMA's on the way.

    7. GA is supposedly out. Tenn and SC are having the issue now. Still a faint tinge of smoke in the air. Like they are burning a giant Glade candle called Camping Disaster.


      You were saying about Disney??

  9. Zach, your columns during this campaign (and before with Brexit) have convinced me that TPTB "code" for both outcomes. I don't think they want to look like they can lose. Doesn't it seem that way to you? And yet, I can look back from age 63 and say that it was a really good life. Thanks to the internet, I have learned that there were a number of conspiracies PLANNED to affect those of my generation & give us a nightmare. Instead, we had ever better housing, ever better electronics, wider education, greater tolerance & understanding (women's & race movements, for example.) Lots of the bad things planned didn't happen. Others strengthened us and made us happier rather than tear us apart. I'm not sure what point I'm trying to make here...but it looks like they code the heck out of everything & then say, "see, we won."

    1. I think you're right Vicki, these people are smart, and smart people usually keep multiple options on the table.

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    1. Just wanted to point out that the Inauguration Day of January 20th is 7/11 on the 13 Moon Calendar. This ties in nicely with Trump's age of 70 years 7 months 7 days.

  11. Years from now the technology is so advanced we merge with A.I or become A.I and able to go back in time and live in a simulation of that time in a host body. Think if you were playing in the Sims and able to join the game. Likely we being used as entertainment, inside an unfolded cross, a cube. The game managers are those of the all seeing eye club who control our every existence. Im sure they know they part of the cube matrix, or a different cube and are trying to break out and will use War as a way to do so.

    1. Maybe it operates something like that Michael Douglas/Sean Penn movie The Game.

    2. Bart to the Future.

      BART is also an acronym for the commuter train in Berkeley, CA.
      Bay Area Rapid Transit.

      Trains, tracks, the spine, snakes, kundalini, energy flowing to turn on the lights

  12. This has got to be one of the best post you've done all year! From March 19th, 2000 (the date of the Simpson's episode) until Inauguration Day is a total span of 6151 days. That's also 16 years, 10 months and 1 day. 6151 is the 802nd prime number. Here are some interesting words and phrases with a Jewish Gematria value of 802:

    Paul Ryan, Oxygen, Going Slightly Mad, Praise Christ the Lord, Body of Christ, Serendipity, The Alphabet and Numbers, Self Destruction, Dehumanize, The Female Anatomy, Triple Number Coincidence, Rothschilds in USA...

    802 is kind of like 82, the number of Armageddon. If we truly are heading towards the end times as prophesied in the Book of Revelation, then the Simpsons has done a great job at giving us a fair warning.

    Having received my education from Jesuit institutions located in New York City (Xavier High School and Fordham University) I can tell you with the utmost confidence that there is an agenda at play. Studying the Jesuits is key to learning more about how the Freemasons and Zionist Jews operate. Please research a retreat that I was apart of called Kairos, a Greek word meaning "God's Time", and you will come to understand just how young Catholic students are brainwashed into following a very corrupt system. I'm in the process of continuing my blog and shedding light on this topic so that I can truly help my fellow man.

    Thank you for your dedication to this cause. Thank you for the Truth. Take care.