Saturday, November 12, 2016

17 44 | Mexico wins in the United States in World Cup qualifying match for first time in 44-years

For the first time in 44-years, Mexico has beaten the United Stats, in the United States.  This comes just after Donald Trump was elected the President, who has harsh rhetoric for Mexico, and a proposed wall to be built dividing the two nations.  Remember, Donald Trump will be the 45th President, but only the 44th person to be President.

I also like that the winning goal was made by a man who scored his 17th international goal, in the 17th state, Ohio.  Kill = 17/44

The game was played in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus = 25/34/106; Ohio = 29/47; Columbus, Ohio = 54/63/153


  1. goodb morning zach. yup this is interesting. i also heard from wall street journal , that he back pedaled on the "wall" promise. and its gona be an extended Fence instead, since the idea is unrealistic and Too expensive! i hope people realize they done fucked up voting him, and Decide to Lynch him! lol just wishful thinking

    1. I want to lynch the people who voted for him more than I do Trump himself. This nation is full of losers, retards and worthelss fucking faggots. It's long overdue for a genocide of the filth. Truly. I didn't even wake up in a bad mood this morning, but I feel like speaking facts.

  2. 76ers snapped their 44 game losing streak on the same day

  3. 76ers snapped their 44 game streak vs Indiana, score at halftime was 52-51