Saturday, January 26, 2019

25 43 84 111 | Intentional fire set at Comet Ping Pong Pizza, January 23, 2019 +News on January 25

A January 23 fire, at the pizza shop that was the heart of a "conspiracy theory"?

January 23, or 1/23, like 123...

The fire came on a date with 43 numerology, and the news came on the 25th of January.

1/23/19 = 1+23+19 = 43 (Fire)

And again, the news on the 25th...

Notice the overlap between 'Comet' and 'fire'.

January 25, the date of the news, was the say day YouTube vowed censorship of the conspiracy related community on its platform, and the Pizzagate scandal was cited as a main reason for the censorship... read about that here...

The man was 25 to 30...

Read more about Edgar Maddison Welch here: 

From the Edgar Maddison Welech incident to the fire was 111-weeks and 3-days later.

Notice that Pizzgate sums to 111.

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