Friday, January 25, 2019

47 74 322 | Notes on why the elite occult use gematria on a daily basis

The Ancient Mystery Religions include - Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Alchemy, Kundalini +

Their teachings are encoded in the books of the Abrahamic Religions - Judaism / Christianity / Islam

Look at Genesis 3:22, which references the evil and good halves of Kabbalah's Tree of Life.

This knowledge is 'Occult'.

7 is the 4th prime.
The divisors of 4 sum to 7.

1+4+2 = 7

It is all in tribute to 'God'.

7, the 4th prime number
The divisors of 4 sum to 7
Both numbers are Biblical.
The 4th Book of the Bible is Numbers
God creates the World in 7-days
There are 7 Seals in Revelation
There are 7 Hermetic Principles

*Hermeticism says everything (EVERY LETTER & NUMBER +) carries a vibration that has real world influence over our lives.

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