Thursday, January 24, 2019

38 44 47 65 124 146 666 | DeepMind AI is outsmarting the best StarCraft gamers, January 24, 2019 news

Today is January 24, 2019.  1/24/19 = 1+24+19 = 44

Today, January 24, can be expressed as 1/24, like 124.

On this day in history, Apple released their first Macintosh, in 1984.

Notice the overlap with Deep Mind and 'technology'.

This comes out of the United Kingdom.

'StarCraft' also connects with United Kingdom.

As for the name of the AI, 'AlphaStar', it has standout numbers.

As for this coming on the anniversary of Apple Macintosh... don't forget...

1/24/1984 = 1+24+(1+9+8+4) = 47

And that ties in with the first Apple being priced at $666...

Think about the forbidden fruit from Genesis...

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  1. Some interesting numbers on your blog. As always a little unexpected. To be honest, I don't really willows in such coincidences. The creation of the first AI gave a good impetus to the development of technology, but there is no point in panic fearing this. The presence of such competition makes a person develop. Did you notice what professional growth has occurred among programmers? Recent developments in automated testing reveal up to 95% of incorrect code - Perhaps this has led to the complication of computer games now. The third part of the country's economy has become virtual. What do you say to that?


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