Thursday, December 25, 2014

64 | 'Patriotic Duty' to See 'The Interview'

I don't think I've seen more headlines about a movie in my lifetime, with a possible exception being James Cameron's Titanic.  That said, let us decode 'Patriotic Duty'.
  • Patriotic = 7+1+2+9+9+6+2+9+3 = 48
  • Duty = 4+3+2+7 = 16
  • Patriotic Duty = 64

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  1. I read something titled "5 Crazy Things North Korea Said in Response To 'The Interview' " they were so crazy! They included:
    1.British Films Are More Realistic Than American Films.
    2.James Bond Is A Character Worth Celebrating.
    3.JFK Was Killed By Americans.
    4.The US Military May Want To Kill Barack Obama.
    5.Kim Jong-Un is Still Planning To Watch "The Interview".
    Thank Gov we don't suffer such unbased propaganda in the free world!
    Have you noticed "free speech" is only made an issue when defending more crass unoriginal humor, more vile sexual content, & more disdain for humankind, showing cooler details of humans blowing up, bleeding out, being shredded apart, tortured, losing half their faces, et cetera...?
    It's all inane & personally insulting.
    Free Speech=54.


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