Saturday, January 30, 2016

18 39 46 50 68 122 | Peyton Manning, born to win the Super Bowl in San Francisco? (Archie, Katrina, Levees and Levi's)

It is amazing what birth numerology can reveal in regards to rigged Super Bowls.  With regards to Manning, it is a lot, and it is part of the reason I picked him to attend Super Bowl 50 back in October, when most people said that was a crazy pick because he is washed up... which he is... but that doesn't matter when the games are rigged.  Please see Manning's lame duck for the second TD of the game in the AFC Championship, the way that ball wobbled through the air reminded me of a Rex Grossman toss, the only QB Manning has ever defeated in the Super Bowl.

3/24/1976 = 3+24+19+76 = 122 (San Francisco = 122)
3/24/1976 = 3+24+(1+9+7+6) = 50 (Super Bowl 50) (San Francisco)
3/24/1976 = 3+2+4+1+9+7+6 = 32 (Denver = 32) (Broncos = 32) (NFL = 32) (Peyton)
3/24/76 = 3+24+76 = 103 (Peyton Williams Manning)
3/24 = 3+24 = 27 (Super Bowl 50 on 2/7) (Manning's 27th playoff game)

Manning's age of 39-years old, and Elway's of 55, just like the age of the Broncos, stands out.  When this nation was established, 39 of the 55 delegates signed the Constitution.  39 is an extremely important number to the Zionist and Masonic rulers, of this nation, and the NFL.  It is also a number that not only connects to Manning's age, but the city of Denver, and the city of Charlotte, home of the Panthers, who Manning is facing in the Super Bowl.

Charlotte = 3+8+1+9+3+6+2+2+5 = 39

Let us also decode his name.

Peyton = 7+5+7+2+6+5 = 32
Williams = 5+9+3+3+9+1+4+1 = 35/44
Manning = 4+1+5+5+9+5+7 = 36
Peyton Williams Manning = 103/112 (Elisha Archibald Manning = 103/112)
Peyton Manning = 68 (San Francisco = 50/59/68)

Manning's father is currently 66-years old, and if Manning wins the Super Bowl, it will be his 66th win with the Broncos, a special number in the NFL.  The first Super Bowl was played at the end of the '66 Season.

NFL = 40+6+20 = 66 (Jewish Gematria)
First Super Bowl, end of '66 Season
Manning's 66th win with Denver would occur if they won Super Bowl 50

Peyton = 16+5+25+20+15+14 = 95
Williams = 23+9+12+12+9+1+13+19 = 98
Manning = 13+1+14+14+9+14+7 = 72
Peyton Williams Manning = 265
Peyton Manning = 167

Besides himself, his father's current age of 66 really stands out.  Think about how the first Super Bowl was at the end of the '66 season and NFL sums to '66' in Jewish Gematria.  His father, a former NFL QB, played for the Saints, then known as the Aints for their constant losing seasons.  Recall how after the flooding in New Orleans, the Saints became instantly good, much like the Patriots after 9/11.  In no time, they went on to win their first Super Bowl in team history.  

Anyhow, after Katrina, I was thinking a lot about the song 'When the levee breaks' by Led Zeppelin, and its reference to traveling to Chicago...  This year it is Carolina that has the major Chicago connections, and they experienced some flooding of their own as you might recall.

As I've talked about in numerous posts, there is a heavy Chicago theme this year for the Super Bowl, because it is the 46th Super Bowl of the modern era, which began with Super Bowl V (5).

Chicago = 3+8+9+3+1+7+15 = 46
Levi's Stadium = 3+5+4+9+1+1+2+1+4+9+3+4 = 46

As for Manning, he has only won one Super Bowl, defeating the Bears, while losing to the Saints and the Seahawks.  When he defeated the Bears, the final score was 29-17, a sum of 46, by no coincidence.  His brother Eli, was also the winner of Super Bowl 46, NYG = 14+25+7 = 46

This year's Super Bowl also has a 'date connection' to 'Bears'.

Bears = 2+5+1+18+19 = 45
2/7/2016 = 2+7+20+16 = 45
California, symboled by a Bear... (California hosting the Super Bowl)

The date of the Super Bowl also has '18' numerology.

2/7/2016 = 2+7+2+0+1+6 = 18
Manning wears #18, this is his 18th season...

If you can believe it, 'eighteen' has a gematria of 46, and Manning's birthday is exactly 46-days after the Super Bowl.

Anyhow, I'm still putting it all together in my head, as mad as all of this may sound... but Levi's Stadium and 'Levees' as in 'levees breaking'... I feel like there is some greater riddle at work here.  As it turns out, the original recording had a lot to do with race and the migration of black americans to other parts... as we well know, this Super Bowl has a lot to do with race.  The original recording was released in '27, this year the Super Bowl is on 2/7.