Thursday, January 28, 2016

StinkyCash challenges me to a debate!

If you've never seen StinkyCash's flat earth work, feel free to check it out.  In a recent video he explained why the sun sets behind the horizon on a flat earth, giving the example of a long hallway, and how if it was long enough, it would appear that the ceiling and floor met.  He then explains that it is this phenomenon that tricks our eye into thinking the sun is setting behind the horizon...

The problem with this theory is that if you have a telescope, and you point it in the direction of the sun, you should be able to continue to see it, thanks to the increased range of vision.  As we well know however, this trick does not work, because the sun truly has set behind the horizon, not disappeared down the "very long hallway".

I think I'll save this guy the pain.

This is an argument he was having with another person, not me.
Keep in mind, StinkyCash is so smart that he used to say there was no way pro sports could be rigged... before he changed his mind after watching my work and said "maybe they are".  This guy, a real joker, with a "mensa level IQ", meaning he is in the top 2% in terms of IQ, which I'm having trouble believing.  Maybe they mixed up his score results.