Saturday, December 10, 2016

13 48 58 | CIA says Russia meddled in U.S. election, helping Trump win, December 10, 2016

This news comes December 10, 2016, a date with '58' numerology.  Donald Trump just "won" the 58th Presidential Election.

12/10/2016 = 12+10+20+16 = 58
12/10/2016 = 1+2+1+0+2+0+1+6 = 13 (CIA) (CNN)

Notice the article makes it seems as if these findings will be investigated further in the next year's time.  In other words, these headlines, this story, isn't suggesting that the outcome of the election could be overturned because of these findings.

In other words, this is a non-story.  Or is it?

We know how the media loves to flip things on a dime.  Donald Trump, in the eyes of the media, was just the pussy grabber with no chance at the President.  Then, a week later, he was destined to be the Pussy grabber in Chief.  That's where we are today.


  1. knowing what we know about the psychos that run things, does it make sense to anyone else that perhaps Putin has decided to turn against his former masters? Like, the western media is trying to make him look really bad....who are the real bad guys? I have heard Putin is working for the Light side now.

    1. The U.S. and Russia have the same bosses, that is why they have a lot of the same modern history, from war, to space, to nukes.

    2. Russia is like a mirror image of the US or vice versa. Even their alphabet looks reversed like u get from reflection in a mirror.

      In that photo posted above, Putin and Trump look like brothers.

    3. I remember when I used to think that way Mike T. For real though, there is no "good guys" when it comes to countries or world leaders. They're all against us the people.

    4. Hmm ... they DID pick photos that make them look like brothers. Probably because -- being members of the same Brotherhood -- they are, in a sense, "Brothers".

      Russi's language looking like a mirror image of English is a fascinating observation. I think over time this will be revealed to be more true than we realize.

      Prior to the WW's, Russia, Britain, Germany (& others) were all run by cousins from the same (Austrian) Hapsburg bloodline. The U.S. is just a subsidiary of Britain -- so whatever applies to them ... applies to us as well.
      Those royals haven't gone anywhere -- they just rule in a less public way ... so that the public Believes they are "free".

      CHINA would be the most likely to intervene. They own so much of our debt, they probably would feel entitled to choose the CEO they'll be dealing with publicly. That said however -- all of this "election hacking" talk is psyop for the masses. Part of the Return To The Cold War cycle.

    5. I remember seeing a picture of Queen Victoria's (huge) family and noticed that the guy identified as Russian Tsar Nicholas standing next to the one labeled King George of England looked looked like twins. Doppelgangers.

      Identical the song from the Patty Duke Show sez.

      All of Royalty are cousins since the Victorian era at least. Seems like here in the US they invent a fake identity and pretend to be one of the people when they are really royalty on the down low. Underground. In the closet. Slumming.

      Underground is an interesting word. I just notice it begins and ends with und and has a scramble of Roger in the middle.
      Und ergRo und
      Und Roger und

      Huh, that has nothing to do with anything I just thought it was cool.

    6. Very interesting insight about American royals. Never thought about it til now -- but yes ... I think you're right on the money. They don't mind a bit of genealogy tracing them back to the royals -- because their tracks were covered long ago by previous ancestors who took on the New Name.

      These Austrian Hapsburg royals set about replacing the true leaders of countries back in the 1700's & early 1800's. Under the guise of spreading The Reformation, they went in, wiped out the True History of each country, decimated the populations & reduced them to barely surviving, & killed or ran off the legitimate leaders.
      Then they co-opted the throne with their "cousins" & set about teaching a New FALSE History -- one where the new ruler had gained the throne via generations of lineage.

      When WW1 broke out, NONE of the "British" royals spoke even a word of English. They all spoke GERMAN.
      Advisors told them to ADOPT the Name "House Of WINDSOR" because it didn't "look good" to be sending Brits off to be killed by their GERMAN COUSIN -- the Kaiser. "Windsor" -- they said -- "sounded more British".

      Most British people probably know this, but few Americans ever learned about it. How they sold the British public on that must've been a masterful stroke of public relations propaganda.
      As recently as the '80's there were still lots of elderly Royal "aunts" living at Windsor that only spoke German.

    7. UND ergro UND ... Good eye!

      Isn't it funny how learning Gematria also opened our eyes to the realities in our words?

      Could be some Latin stuck in the middle ... I'm going to look deeper into that.

      See Pru -- these are the insights you provide that help everyone. Thanks! :D

    8. I know "UND" means AND in German ...

      UND = (J) -- 244 ... (E) -- 234 ... (P) -- 39/12

      ROGER = (J) -- 222 ... (E) -- 378 ... (P) -- 63/36

      Hmm ...

    9. I think of us as a Recovery Group for Victims of Gaslighting.

      There are few things as surreal and uncomfortable as reading "news" that is obviously fiction passed off as true, yet everyone thinks u are insane for not believing it. It's hard as fuck to stick to your truth without going completely mad.

      Its nice to know im not alone in BizarreO world.

    10. I think that's one of the most SANE pieces of writing I've seen - you managed to describe our situation PERFECTLY.

      Equating the media with a mass GASLIGHTING program was brilliant -- because that is EXACTLY what's going on. No wonder it's so hard for everyone to see the truth!

      The simple fact that I never really thought about in that way -- as GASLIGHTING THE MASSES -- is disturbing in itself ... it shows how deeply our thought processes have been disturbed.

      When everyone around you is snuggled up with lies, sometimes those old days of ignorance do look like bliss. But it's literally the REAL "Matrix Challenge" -- once your eyes are open, you can never, ever go back. Your mind will never allow it.

      You know -- for us -- it really IS as though the "GAS" was suddenly turned "OFF".
      It's also interesting that we all AWOKE INDIVIDUALLY --
      only discovering there were others when we went in search of "proof".

      Many of us sensed that we'd somehow gained a "new" (to us) -- "Body of Knowledge" ... but we couldn't explain how it got there -- nor back up why we knew any of it was true.
      Then -- just as we might've been wondering if this Awakening was more "Pain In The Ass" than "Miracle", we each stumbled across others who'd had similar thoughts & experiences.
      And through them, we started to find the "Proof" & "Evidence" we'd been seeking.

      Pretty incredible when you think about it ... isn't it !?! :D ;D

    11. Especially when u think of how much we hear about the GAS and OIL industry. Hidden in plain site, how many gas stations do u pass everyday. We equate that word with FUEL and it is.
      Our bafflement, the contradiction between what we see and what we instinctively know is wrong with the picture, and what everyone else accepts and believes to be true, our angst is what fuels this world.
      Drilling for oil.
      Remember Drill, baby, drill? Lol

    12. That is SO TRUE!!
      And we think of PAINFUL connotations with DRILL -- like a Dentist's Drill -- more ANGST to FUEL their Agendas.

      Drill, baby, drill ...
      This year became: "Bern, Baby, Bern" ...
      Supposedly referencing Bernie Sanders ... but now looking more like a foretelling of the Post-Election FIRES that were already planned!!

  2. Cheaters never win =189

    Merry Christmas=189

    But of course,

    Its only cheating if you get caught=349=3×4×9=108

    1. Interesting connection -- especially since our culture has wrapped the entire holiday season around a fictional character -- which is ... basically ... "cheating".
      Heh heh -- I was referring to Santa Claus ... but I see now that "fictional character" could also be interpreted in other ways ... Lol.

  3. The thing I find most interesting about Trump as president is his wife, Melania, is Slavic. She grew up behind the so-called iron curtain and now she's first lady of the USA.

    There's an interesting story there, but the media ignores it except for fluff pieces of course. I wouldn't underestimate her though.

    1. I agree -- Melania's the wild card - the unknown entity.

      The scenario I theorized awhile back -- with Melania as Manchurian Assassin -- was only half-joking. With her past securely hidden "overseas" -- we have no idea what her actual history (& training) could be.

      When she gave that plagerized speech of Michelle's -- it seemed almost TOO obvious that they were trying to paint her as a naive, ignorant immigrant. Who would ever suspect such an "innocent" of Anything?

    2. She does remind me of the fembots from Austin Powers.
      She looks really strong to me. I could see her being a Bond type character. Michelle Obama too looks like she could easily kick ten asses before breakfast and not even break a nail.

    3. Ha ha -- they DO look like Fembots!!

      Have you ever seen the movie "SALT" (with Angelina Jolie)? Perfect portrayal of sleeper agents. Especially good is the coverage of their MK-Ultra upbringing -- it's classic.

    4. Thanks for the recommendation, I will check it out.