Saturday, December 3, 2016

33 47 | 'Gnostic' and 'Gnosticism' gematria, parallels to Christianity and Christ

Here's some more '33' and '47' for the record book.  Christian = 47; Jehovah = 33; Believe = 33


  1. Reminds me of a line from the lasr season of Game of Thrones. One distrusting character is questioning a more knowledgeable character about what they know. The second character basically tells him that he has made himself powerful with kniwledge and yet there is still so much he doesn't know.

    In essence, even the so called gnostics are trapped in their own religion. Just as heavily, if not more, then the world's more public religious practices.

    1. I like that. It is not so hard to fuck the masses if you think about. All you need to do is start their programming them from an early age, when the brain is a sponge. Did any of us have a choice? We all got it. Some it sticks with. Some it doesn't. I know in the Mk Ultra mind control slaves, their programming is said to break down once they turn 30. Maybe that is the case with our 13 years of govt. enforced school programming. That's where Game of Thrones comes in. It picks on the scabs of the programming so they keep festering. The better the technology, the better the imprint. That's where all the Hobbit, Harry Potter, etc, etc come from. Keep the master-servant themes going but add in a lot of homo stuff. Sneaky little pricks. Goygle inventing little bastards!

  2. I just got it. yoga, backwards is a goy. Little fucking fuckers!