Thursday, December 1, 2016

47 49 96 115 | Donald Trump begins 'Thank You' tour, December 1, 2016, Cincinnati, Ohio +JFK parallel

'Thank you' tour, eh?

Donald Trump will become President with the 115th Congress.

11/22/1963 = 11+22+19+63 = 115 (Killing) (Date JFK was killed)

Notice the tour is beginning December 1, 2016, the day leaving 30-days left in the year.

Saturn = 21/30/93/511

Notice the tour begins in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cincinnati = 51/96 (Federal = 51) (Conspiracy = 51) (Freemason = 96)
Ohio = 29/47 (President = 47)

Today's date also connects to 'Washington'.

12/1/2016 = 12+1+20+16 = 49 (Revelation) (Washington)


  1. Been a lot of focus on Ohio this year, a place where most people have the capacity to understand this truth about as much as a brick wall. I've been the subject of much ostracism and teasing for revealing the true reality of pro sports to my peers. I made a lengthy post on my social media days a week before the cabs won saying why they'd win and also plugging your website so people could visit and learn more. All I got was name-calling and utter refusal. Then I did the same thing with the Cubs Indians, which was even worse cus I had to tell all these Ohioans that the Indians would lose. At that point, they didn't even care about the message, they cared that I said the Indians would lose and got all sad..... Again, it's like trying to educate a brick wall. From the RNC to the Cavs win to the Indians loss to the osu shooting and more... There's been more focus on Ohio this year than I've ever seen, I expect some major planned catastrophe to take place here in the near future. Ohio has been used as a testing ground for chemical companies since their inception claiming that Ohio has "the perfect climate." More like the people here are so oblivious to what's going on that they can't even see 4 Chem lines that stay in the sky for hours as abnormal.

    1. Brother, I hear you. This is the good news. A greater percentage of people are awake today than they were a decade ago, and that number should continue to grow, especially with young people such as yourself out there speaking the truth. Keep the chin up friend, you're the man!