Thursday, December 15, 2016

47 84 93 211 226 433 804 | Traces of explosives found on victims of May 19, 2016, Flight 804 crash, December 15, 2016 news

It was speculated from the beginning that Flight 804 was taken down by a "bomb".

This news comes a span of 211-days from the May 19, 2016 reported crash.

211, the 47th prime (Authority = 47) (Obey = 47) (President = 47)

You might recall, there were many parallels between this plane and President Obama.  Read about that here:

May 19 is typically the 139th day of the year, and the day that leaves 226-days left in the year.


  1. All these old bogus psyops are peeking their ugly heads again. First the Egypt Air flight and now Dylann Storm Roof b.s...too funny

  2. Interesting:
    Here you go- ""EgyptAir crash: Traces of explosives found on victims" = 239 in Latin Reduction Gematria

    239 is the 52nd PRIME NUMBER, SO '52'...

    "Conspiracy" = 52 in Latin Reduction Gematria, this is how we solve this brainwash by CNN, as usual...


    we consider these games in a connection to a "tribute to the best power forward" in the game, Tim Duncan, and his retirement, "by the numbers":


  3. Love that subtitle under "Mediterranean in May" --

    "Debris Likely Found On Israeli Beach"!!

    Yep -- it's "LIKELY" that it WAS planted there -- Priceless!!


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