Friday, December 2, 2016

49 | 'Plastic Island', how trash is destroying our reality, December 1, 2016 CNN reporting

This headline is from yesterday, December 1, 2016.  I meant to decode it then, but yesterday I was a human pinball.

12/1/2016 = 12+1+20+16 = 49 (Revelation = 49/121)

Plastic Island = 49/67/139

If you don't know about "plastic island" in the Pacific, here is where it is.


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    1. Whenever this happens, I always hope that it means a lot of people worldwide are seeing the post. And Bart, great work on that crisis actor at OSU, can I mirror your video?

    2. Ch -- that's a good, positive way to look at it.
      At least she's not trying to sell your followers "Good Asian Furniture At Bargain Prices"! I'll always remember that one -- it still makes me chuckle, lol.

  2. There probably is an island there where all the fake plastic politicans and personalities spend their time.

    1. Good one! I've always wondered about that. Huxley's sequel to Brave New World is called Island. It's for the intelligent, spiritually attuned, and others I suppose, who can't handle the absurdity and regimentation of the Brave New World anymore. I've never read it, but I think I need to at some point.

    2. Agreed! And it looks like Dolly's spent LOTS of time there -- lol!

      Nearby is probably "The Island" depicted in that Scarlett Johanssen movie. The one where the elite have their clones raised until they're needed for replacement body parts. If they knew the Truth -- that's one "Lottery" a clone WOULDN'T want to "win"! Lol

    3. I actually love that movie, Mf. Its one of the reasons I won't play lotto!!

  3. Seems like a few of the world's navies and merchant marines could scoop most of it up.I often go out and pick up trash that others thoughtlessly throw out of their cars, or even just throw on the ground with a trash can nearby. This is what happens when you have a consumer culture of full of sheeple. They have repressed their souls and reason to the point where they can't even see reality anymore. I had someone tell me the other day, "I live in the real world." I just let it go. What good would it have done?

    1. See Tal, you are just nothing but common sense. You're like the better version of me. Perhaps when I mature more. I always pick up trash. Why not? It's so easy to do. By not picking up trash, which almost no one does, it shows the way people think about the world. "Not my problem". My world is "me".

    2. We Truthseekers DO have so much in common! When I go to parks, lakes, etc, I always bring plastic bags & pick up trash. I walk around enjoying nature -- & do something worthwhile. Meanwhile, everyone else has their nose stuck down in a phone -- oblivious to the trees & wildlife around them.

      There IS hope though! Recently while doing this, a little boy was playing by himself & could never get his mom to pull away from her phone. So he started following me around, & I saw him carrying armfuls of trash to the trash cans. When I gave him his own bag & said "Thank You, Young Man!" -- you'd of thought it was Christmas morning. He was jumping up & spinning around while he picked up garbage -- happy as a lark.
      As I was leaving, his mother finally took note & hollered out "Quit that! It's nasty!" But then she went back to her phone, so he kept right on.

      Kids NEED to see more of this - especially when they're little. Otherwise they join the lazy adults who think EVERYTHING is Somebody Else's Problem.
      ALL Public Spaces have lost most of the funding that provided for clean-up crews. Now they barely empty the FEW trash cans that are out there.

      I know this much -- it's damn hard to find trash cans in a lot of these places. Officially they claim that the COST of disposing of the trash is too great -- but I suspect there's also an agenda to ENCOURAGE littering -- so that outdoor places aren't as appealing.

      Brave New World -- the revised edition with his Addendum (the best version) actually addresses that. How they decided it was more PROFITABLE to have people AFRAID to venture outdoors much. It was better to keep them controlled in tight spaces where SHOPPING was their main hobby!
      I'll have to find Huxley's "Island". The title reminds me of the movie "The Island" -- where clones of the elite are raised until they're needed for replacement body parts. Something I do believe is actually going on.

    3. Zach, my ears turned got really warm after reading that. I don't have half the courage you have, to do what you do. But I'm learning, mostly through your example.

      Whatever I've learned it's been through bitter experience at being foolish and selfish in the past. When I think about how I was and how I acted then, where you're at now in life, I still wince at times. I've always been cheerful and optimistic but I was took advantage of situations when I shouldn't have. You understand that part already. You're gonna be a great old guy!

      I don't do that with people anymore, but I did then. And whatever good I'm capable of now is only because of how bad it made me feel to know how I caused others to suffer on my account.

      That Mfsyff, that was great story about one human showing another one about what it means to connect with nature and the Self. Yes BNW is one of the blueprints. Jan, the guy at has done a ton of work on Huxley.

  4. It's like being born into a cult. The other cult members work to together to stomp on anyone who dares to question what they've been told. Most aren't even aware of what they are doing, just following the programmed response to shun and ridicule the curious. Once you get past giving a shit what people think of u tho, it's easy to ignore them.

    Maybe it's like those invisible dog fences. If the dog wanders to close to the street he gets a shock and after a few of those he learns his boundries. The thing to keep it mind though is the shock won't kill u and after awhile u don't care anymore so it makes u stronger.

    1. Well said! People have been programmed to accept a trash-strewn world & nobody seems to give a shit about recycling anymore. They won't hesitate to mouth off that "Somebody's not doing their job!" when they see litter -- but instead of pick it up themselves, they shiver & squeal "NO! That's DIRTY!"

      I can't count the number of times I've dug broken glass out of playgrounds -- & everyone else just looks away. You'd think parents - so scared of their kid picking up a "dangerous" rock or stick -- would WANT to clear away something that's ACTUALLY dangerous. But no -- THEY'RE too afraid of "germs". Everyone thinks MRSA is lurking on every plastic water bottle. Nevermind that it's more likely to be found on the playground equipment!

      LOVED that comment about the invisible dog fences! If more people would just deal with "the shock" & then Move On -- like a smart dog does -- they wouldn't be so damned SCARED of every fucking thing ... & they might actually discover that there's still a lot of great things left in this world.
      Which -- by the way -- is something the Rest Of The World already knows. This scaredy-cat, End of Days culture has been FORCED on Western civilization. It's straight out of the Brave New World playbook -- a scientific method of behavior control.


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