Friday, December 2, 2016

88 | Steve Kerr says he used marijuana to solve back pain, presented as "controversial" December 2, 2016

This news comes on December 2 or 12/2.  Golden State = 122 (Fremason = 122, Francis Bacon)

Recall, last year the Warriors won 88 total games.  They also finished their season in their home state, California.

Marijuana = 88; California = 88; Warriors 88th win last season came 88-days after Steph Curry's birthday, and this year Durant signed with the Warriors 88-days before his birthday

And the reason marijuana is illegal, is because it is the most effective pain medicine, that comes from the earth, and is cheap and easy to produce.


  1. Warriors lost yest going for 13** in a row / snapping a 12 game win streak vs HOUSTON on 12/1 - houston's 1st win @ golden state since dec 23 2013 ... houston was wearing ALL black / prior to this game on tnt - Cavs lost to the LA Clippers - Cavs wore ALL BLack - duality / as ablove so below / masonic checkerboard / sacrifices

  2. Steve Kerr is a P.O.S. like the rest of them, now all the athletes are starting to talk about weed, cause its gone legal in many states and their corporate owners will have their filthy hands in it soon

    1. Ding ding. Lemme get a packa Marlboro Greens.

    2. now... Bayer for $66bln (Revelation 66th Book of Bible, base on the 39books of the Old Testament)
      9/14/16 = 39
      Prophecy 666
      Monsanto 666
      Zach's work above~

  3. Colorado playing Washington in Levy stadium right now - Jim Harbaugh coached niners of-corse at Levi ... came back from a 17 point deficit from seahawks in 2013 / michiga needs colorado to win - michigan beat colorado by 17 *** on sept. 17 *** and we all know now ohio 17th state / game was tied 17-17 in the "game" poss "overtime" game in SB is what I predict just like baltimore colts / giants super game of old - first time "game" OT / 1st time superbowl "OT" in '17

  4. Cavs playing bulls right now - "game of the world series bet"
    cavs may win giving chicago bulls 10-8 record like 108 year curse **

  5. We could use some controversial shit down here in GA. Mostly pretty basic.

    J/k. Everyone with a West Coast friend is bringing it round.

    I heard.

    Prank caller!

  6. Ohio st LOL. U idiots. Michigan is done you fools

  7. Have you researched the supposed death of Steve Kerr's father? Gunned down by terrorists in Lebanon.

    1. His father was shot execution style on January 18, 1984 when Steve was an "18" year old "College Freshman".
      "Eighteen Year Old" in English Reduction equals 81 (8x1=8)
      "NBA" in English Reduction equals 8
      "Execution" in English Reduction equals 44
      "College Freshman" in English Gematria equals 440

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