Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Reader Contribution | D'Qwell Jackson suspension, Ray Lewis, and Super Bowl 51

These are interesting observations!  Thank you Seeker of Truth.


  1. Stop copying my shit again.
    Ray Lewis is a major actor
    Not some bum Djackson

    Go back to SB 35

    Explain to the Goy that's the starting point for this SB 41 crap

    should actually start with NE.

    Who did the Ravens beat to go to the SB vs 49ers turd?

    Stop false teaching !

    1. Harrybutts in English Gematria = 912 just like lucks birthday......
      Exposed bitch, get the fuck out of here. I've never seen someone spend so much time trying to discredit someone. Where's your work ? Where's your videos?
      Hiding behind a keyboard with a fake name. Fucking loser

    2. Lol and what the fuck are you paid opposition? You've been officially exposed. Beat it

    3. Harrybutts = 44 in er
      Luck will get his 44th reg season win if he wins the last 3 games of the season
      Thanks for the clues

    4. Dead in the water go get a new Fucking name now and come back cause your a fraud

    5. I bet you sold your soul and took it up the ass, your on here because it's part of the argeement.
      The so called elites will always put the truth in front of you as a mocking just like your name syncs up with luck.
      No coincidence.
      And I'd rather be a "goy" in your eyes than going to hell

    6. You were to weak of a person and you sold out. You will forever regret it
      There are people who can see through the bullshit just not enough of them.

    7. just ignore him dont waste your energy , that how he feeds on you .

    8. Exactly. If no one ever responded to him, he'd be the one committing suicide.

    9. If any of you folks have been here, you know of harry ass's contributions. Until the past month when Zach called him out and yes actually recycled some of what he was saying.

      You aren't outing any one, calling them gay. He's pissed and letting people know it. Zach has stole my shit on occasion, too. Like how the packers will win against the Bears based on one piece of info.

      194th Meeting, A GB win, would make the record 94-94-6

      194, 94, 94. Outside of that Montgomery (#88), Matthews (#52) and Nelson (#87) all line up for a big game.

      Mike Manning used to be a solid contributor, too.. check the threads a year ago and further. Why truthers are throwing other truthers under the train is beyond me.

      As far as the using your real name, I would advise no one of doing it. It does not prove anything. Don't ever use your real name, there are hundreds of sleepers following every move on this blog. If you do not understand that, the less clues you give, the safer you can be. Unless they have your IP..

  2. If luck goes to the super bowl he finish the season with 3 wins and then get 3 wins in the playoffs. Colts in their 33rd year I'm Indy

  3. 2012 AFC championship

    Ravens 28 @NE 13

    41! That gave Brady 2-2 vs Ravens in the playoffs he has 22 playoff wins

    Brady just won his 202nd game vs Ravens !

    Guess who they beat in the divisional round butt wipe.. Houston

    Ravens are the Browns NOT the COLTS .

    There is NO connection. Ravens Giants connect.

    Like Indy connects to Miami

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  5. purple jesus is coming back http://www.twincities.com/2016/12/12/vikings-adrian-peterson-says-hell-practice-this-week-play-vs-packers-on-dec-24/

  6. I broke down one NBA game tonight.


    https://twitter.com/ESPNNBA tweeted "This league, so much is scripted...I'm not doing that. I'm going to say what's on my mind."

  7. Guess which QB is going into his 15th season?
    Guess which franchise turns 58

    Not the Vikings shit again...
    They need to sell tickets.

  8. Raiders vs steelers
    Patriots vs Chiefs

    Seattle vs Packers/lions
    Dallas vs ATL
    Normal match ups

    Since only 10 wild card teams made it to the championship in 47 years

    This retarded blogs final four

    Patriots vs Raiders
    Colts vs Chiefs

    Dallas vs Vikings
    Seattle vs Giants

    Not bad if Brady got injured and Big Ben goes down and Marriota is out

    This could happen.

  9. I watched Luck lay on the ground during that last bogus 4th down throw he took a shot.

    Luck will be on concussion protocol after this next game which they will win. Then they lose final two .

    That way no one feels bad about Pagano being fired.
    Tolzine has 2 starts in him. Just like CURTIS PAINTER

    Before manning did his acting job

    Remember Osweiler, and DAK and Bradford , and Brady , and Big Ben.

    Luck is the future, just not yet. Shannahan is coming to town he can fix the offense if not Harbaugh or PEYTON!

    PManning will coach in Indy, laugh now.

    " this place will always be my home"

    1. glad your head is up in the Right place.
      Are you still hungry ?

  10. RB
    WR big target
    Pass rushers

    It's not easy replacing a LEGEND like Peyton
    Especially since Luck did not back him up.
    NFL is about Earning IT!
    The NFL has the Courts, government , politicians , billionaires and a long list of made men.

    The games get easier towards the end. All the sponsors paid , all the media coverage for Kapernick did its job. Now it's time to sell PLAYOFF seats and next year season Suckers tickets.
    Hence Peterson come back.

  11. fools! itz gonna be pats raiders steelers texans chiefs dolphins in afc n cowboys seahawks falcons lions redskins packers in nfc. pats beat texans n raiders in afc playoffs while cowboys beat packers n seahawks in nfc. pats win sb 51 fools n rfg chosen fag zachary shill stein will cry to depression

    1. So you have packers and redskins over Giants? Packers I can see, redskins? Lol!

    2. My packer train is filling up, jump on fast! GB v. NE good ol SB31 throwback.

  12. Ravens are the Browns NOT the COLTS .
    true but theres still a relative/relation/connection somewhere

  13. Mike SmithDecember 13, 2016 at 2:40 PM

    fools! itz gonna be pats raiders steelers texans chiefs dolphins in afc n cowboys seahawks falcons lions redskins packers in nfc. pats beat texans n raiders in afc playoffs while cowboys beat packers n seahawks in nfc. pats win sb 51 fools n rfg chosen fag zachary shill stein will cry to depression
    if nothing else its obvious the Pats arent winning it all

  14. Yes it's SO OBVIOUS Patriots ain't winning shit except the AFC East

  15. I think it's up to Robert Kraft and his affection for pop music and pop stars.

    More on Kraft and M.J. this weekend. Stuff I have said in September, but has since been taken down.