Thursday, December 8, 2016

Reader Contribution | The original #pizzagate, 2004, Arsenal vs Manchester United & goalkeeper David Seaman

This is unreal!  Great work here Dar!


  1. off topic but this way highly visible
    I just found this site
    you guys have defined what I have felt for a long time
    my sport WAS baseball until this past summer when I could tell the Jays games were rigged
    anyways, I found this
    baseball by the numbers

  2. For a few more. The Pizzagate football match also called, 'Battle Of The Buffet' = 66.
    Manchester United's manager at the time was Alex Ferguson. An Arsenal player flung a slice of pizza at Ferguson, hence the dubbing, 'Pizzagate'.
    'Alex Ferguson' = 66s. Just like 'Thirty Three' = 66.

    In simple English, 'Alex Ferguson' = 143 / 57.
    The whole English Football child sex abuse story, kicked off after a former Crewe Alexandra player told his story of abuse. His name was. 'Andy Woodward' = 143 / 57 ( Just like Alex Ferguson ) :) .

    Some links if wanna read for yaselves ...

    Pizzagate, 10 years on:

    Battle Of The Buffet:

    English Football Child Sex Abuse Scandal:

    1. Man United's nickname, 'Red Devils' = 98 / 44.
      Arsenal's nickname, 'Gunners' = 98 / 44

    2. Nov. 18th 2016 ... David Seaman & Pizzagate

    3. Ha, Just doin what little I can. :) . Ohh and give shout to the lad who commented on your video with goalkeeper / gatekeeper comment. Once I saw that, everything clicked. Big props to him on that one! All the best man, Dar!

  3. You are so wise my friend! Really great work Dar.. ox ⴋᏇಌ

  4. David Seaman being into rigging games makes sense, as that goal from near the halfway line always looked like he let it in in the Cup Winners Cup final. Cheating cunt.

  5. That's one helluva a kick~! Right in the net!