Sunday, January 1, 2017

39 42 96 223 666 | Manhunt after Istanbul, Turkey "massacre" hoax, January 1, 2017 +Reina & Queen

Manhunt?  This is protocol in all of these false flags.

Manhunt after massacre = 76/94/220

Notice they are reporting 39 dead, on the January 1, 2017 attack.

1/1/2017 = 1+1+20+17 = 39

They're saying the attacker was dressed as 'Santa Claus'.

Santa Claus = 1/10+1+5+2+1+3+3+1+3+1/10 = 21/39

Let us not forget the other special gematria for 'Santa Claus'.

Revelation, the book of prophecy and destruction, is based on the 39 Books of the Old Testament.

I wouldn't be surprised if one of the primary purposes of this news story was to scare the people participating in festivities for New Year's in New York City.

And again, let us not forget how 'Nightclub' synchs with 'New' as in 'New Year' and 'New World Order'.

As we already knew, the Freemasons will be pushing fear in 2017, the year of 'Israel'.

2017 = 20+17 = 37

Israel = 37; Netanyahu = 37

Further, notice they say the attack happened at 1:15, the 75th minute of the New Year.  Yesterday they first reported 40 injured and 35 dead, or a total of 75 people.

This incident has parallels to the Friday the 13th attack in Paris France, November 13, 2015.  Keep in mind January 13, 2017, will be a Friday the 13th as well.  Anyhow, the name of this club has gematria connecting to 'France'.

From the France attack to the Turkey attack is 415-days, or a span of 416.

113% of a year?  Remember, Scottish Rite Freemasonry came to power in France.

'113' was coded into the names of the Paris attackers, the birthdays, and more.  Plus the attack took place on 11/13.

Let us also not forget the significance of Friday the 13th.

Let us not forget the parallel between the Freemasons and the Satanic.

Freemasonry = 67; Satanic = 67

Recall, the ranging degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry sum to '96'; 31+32+33.

Also, again, recall the connection between '35', '39' and '42', in regards to 'Terrorist'.

It was first reported that at least 35 people were dead in the nightclub on the date with '39' numerology, New Year's Day, 2017.

Istanbul = 26/35/98


  1. It also comes 187 days after the airport attack on June 28, 2016.

    1. For homicide code. Also a total span of 188; we'll see what the Bavarian illuminati has in store for 2017.

  2. Awesome post man. With the date in Masonry being, 6017.
    1+1+60+17 = 79 ( Massacre )

  3. Good good stuff. 1:15 also makes me think of 11×5=55=Santa

  4. Something about that picture with the guy holding down the other guy's head with the word Manhunt right above them, just feels wrong.

    Red Head=107, 45, 270
    Go Down on Red=1230, 134, 804

    1. Man on Manhunt=148, 888, 580
      Men on a Manhunt=153, 585
      Hunting Man=121
      Cock Gobbler=93, 232(23+32=55=Santa)
      Down the Chimney=1602, 166
      Stocking Stuffer=193, 796
      Santas Slay Ride=167, 931
      The Santa Massacre=167

    2. Also, 29 weeks since Orlando, 203 days. 203+302=505=55=Santa

  5. I thought this new year's false flag was going to happen the u.s.a. wouldn't be surprised if there's another false flag in Paris in Feb. Or mardi gras. Or carnival in Rio.

    Tel aviv=91
    Mark of cain=91
    Gog and magog=91
    Holy land=91
    Chicago bears=91
    The pagans=91

    Pagan religions=419
    An American collapse=419
    Innana ishtar=419

  6. Zach, Great Work!

    New Year's Eve/Day rooted in ancient Roman paganism. This "False Flag" is supposed to exemplify "Human Sacrifice" to Saturn/Satanic worship. Which was the ending of the Saturnalia festivities in Rome. This stuff is insane.

    "Insanity" in the English Reduction system equals 39/111/666/1119
    " Disguised As Santa Claus" in English Reduction equals 66
    "Human Sacrifice" in English Reduction equals 67-the repeat number

    Initially CNN reported "35" dead and "40" injured. (35+40=75)
    "Julius Ceasar" in English Reduction equals 40
    "Julian Calendar" in English Reduction equals 53 (Or 35)
    "Julian Calendar" in English Sumerian equals 750 (75)
    "Santa Gunman" in English Reduction equals 35
    "Santa Gunman" in English Sumerian equals 750

    "Thirty Nine Dead" in the English Sumerian system equals 936
    The three digits contain a variation of the #39 reflections-(93/39/36/63) and (96/69)
    Also "99" is coded in their as well, whose divisors sum to "156".
    The 156th prime number is 911

    1. Also, the false flag began "Around 1:15 am, SUNday"according to the article posted.

      "One Hundred And Fifteen" in English Sumerian equals 1152
      "Sunday" in the English Gematria equals 1155
      The divisors of "115" sum to "144"(1+5+23+115=144)
      "Prince William" in English Ordinal=144 (Queen Reference)

    2. Nice! Also, Turkey is a Virgo and new year's EVE is all about sex. Maybe Mr. Clause, with his GUN (gun=42) just impregnated the "queen" (reina, in Spanish, means queen). Istanbul is ruled by cancer. Cancer symbolizes the mother. Cancer is a water sign. Cancer is ruled by the MOON. Cancer is the keystone in the royal arch in freemasonry. Fertility ritual to the max.

      Also note the purple in the picture. Purple represents sex. It also is associated with Uranus. Uranus is the planet of sudden events, revolutions, elections, fascism, etc.

      Isn't istanBULL on the water? (like new york, New Orleans, and Miami--all CNN N.Y.E locations including a cruise ship near Cuba)

    3. That article you posted on new year's is a bit off. N.y.e is very pagan, no doubt, but so is Christianity! If Christians understood how pagan their religion is, they would have to stop being Christians! Haha. Truly ironic and a great mockery. There is clear evidence that the pagans (rosicrucians/freemasons) wrote the bible.

      N.y.e is just another fertility ritual. I can break it down, if you want.

    4. Fludd, Yeah break it down. Also, I sent you a message on Youtube, did you see it?

    5. No. Can't get messages, apparently. Try my email.

      Look at that picture of times SQUARE. It's a delta/yoni with a phallus in it. The BALL drops and the crowd/yoni is showered in confetti/sperm. The Google doodle for nye was balloons trapped in a net.


      And toshiba=74/444/260

      Haha. We're familiar with those numbers.

      London=74 (big Ben haha)
      Hand of god=74
      Code of god=74
      Carpet diem=74
      Fire and ice=74
      High five=74
      The king=74
      The key=74


      Kingdom of god=260
      The police=260
      In high places=260
      Maids a milking=260

      The Japanese symbols for toshiba supposedly mean "east lawn." We all know how much the masons love "the east."

      Same goes for the rose parade today. New year fertility ritual. Why do you think there are so many HORNS at the ROSE parade? Haha

    6. That is absolutely fascinating. I would have never guessed this...but I think you've proved it here! I also wanted to add the symbolism of times SQUARE and the BALL drop is also homage to the circle and the square of the freemasonry. That one was pretty obvious...but I never realized it before. Of course the mason's actually worship the phallus so all of this makes complete sense. And wouldn't you know, Phallus=26. So I decided to research masonry and how this ties in with the sun because it is so obvious that this fertility ritual also is tied to the perihelion taking place where one could say the sun is symbolically impregnating the earth with it's rays right now when it is the closest physically to the earth. Look at this write up about masonry and this very topic:
      Referring to the square and compass: "These are, however, deliberate misrepresentations of these two symbols which are intended to conceal their true meaning from the lower degrees. Former 33rd Degree Mason James D. Shaw gave the proper explanation as it is known to Royal Arch initiates:

      The real meaning of these "great lights"... is sexual. The Square represents the female (passive) generative principle, the earth, and the baser, sensual nature; and the Compass represents the male (active) generative principle, the sun/heavens, and the higher, spiritual nature. The Compass, arranged above the Square, symbolizes the (male) Sun, impregnating the passive (female) Earth with its life-producing rays. The true meanings, then are two fold: the earthly (human) representations are of the man and his phallus, and the woman with her receptive eteis (vagina). The cosmic meaning is that of the active Sun (deity, the Sun-god) from above, imparting life into the passive Earth (deity, the earth/fertility goddess) below and producing new life.(10)"

      Now that is interesting. It all ties together. I think the puzzle is becoming more clear. Thanks for your helpful insight Elmer and Zach as always!

    7. Yup. Glorified bathroom graffiti. Pretty silly. Now that you have the eyes to see, you'll start seeing it everywhere! Haha.

      Yeah, right on! I actually found a quote from morals and dogma yesterday describing the square and compass as lingam and yoni. I don't have a physical copy of morals and dogma, but you can scope it on this Christian fear mongering site.


      "The greatest Masonic author of all time, Albert Pike, agrees. He states [page 631-32 in Morals and Dogma ] that the Monad [#1] is male, and the Duad [#2] is female. Their sexual union produces the Triad [#3], which is "represented by the letter 'G', the generative principle". This term, "generative principle", is code for the sex act."

    9. Have you seen my post about LOGOS?

      Logos is a made-up, compound English word for the Greek logotypa. Here's why:





      "Os:an opening or entrance to a passage, especially one at either end of the cervix of the uterus."

      In the beginning was the WORD ("logos")

      In the beginning was LOG and OS

      In the beginning was penis and vagina.

      God is sex. The G-SPOT. Haha. Good Lord.

      Seems clear to me that pagans (rosicrucians/freemasons) wrote the bible. Great irony. A silly, strange world. The sowers of lies are the same revealers of truth? I still don't get it. What's the point? Is some kind of energy created in a reveal of the method?

      I'm glad you see this stuff. I often wonder if my comments are being censored. Or maybe people just think I'm a nutter. Haha.

    10. I totally see it. I think I missed that comment on interesting. My first love is this is also interesting from that perspective! I don't totally get what the point is either. The thing is...they are hiding something very important. I keep getting this sense that we should be doing certain things in correlation with these special movements of the sun and moon in order to elevate our consciousness or our being in some way. Or to better our health, although I think it's far more to do with our spiritual nature and not the material nature that they are really suppressing and messing with through all of the lies. In studying perihelion and aphelion more I just made an extremely interesting discovery. I have been looking at the movement of the sun a lot...and call me crazy...but it's making me really think about flat earth more closely. I am thinking about this all on my own...but I have seen a model where they depict the sun traveling in a spiral above a flat earth where the spiral gets wider and then smaller and the sun moves closer and further away. I just drew it out on paper and I realized that the spiral I drew from the side...looked just like the coiled rattlesnake of the "Don't Tread On Me" flag. Ok...bare with me. So I researched that flag and it's actually called the Gadsden Flag. Check this out:
      Aphelion (July 4th)=480/80/44 (When the sun is farthest away)
      Gadsden Flag=480/80/44
      Don't Tread On Me=888/58
      Independence=588/22 (eighty eight=588 like fireworks 880)
      The flag can be traced back to Ben Franklin=106/52

      My jaw is still hanging open from the realization that Aphelion and Gadsden Flag have nearly identical gematria. I'm going to read up on all of this more tomorrow!

    11. Synchronicity yet again. You should really check out rudolf Steiner. What he says about our movement in space is like the gadsden flag. We're spiraling/corkscrewing through space.

      Check this out:

    12. Also, early September is the most common time of birth (in the USA, aleast.) More people are born in early September than any other time. 9 months after the new year haha. So, maybe the ritual is more than symbolic. Do the powers that be want us to reproduce? Is that why it says be fruitful and multiply in the bible?

    13. Yes that's such a good point. Man didn't create the universe...thus some of these universally held truths such as the zodiac and the seasons and so forth...these things impact our existence regardless of what the earthly "powers' try to accomplish. It's just part of the cycle of life. Something that "IS". This would mean most people are born into Virgo, just before the balance of the scales takes place. Wonder what that might mean universally. Kind of interesting. Perhaps that is just a truth of our age, the Age of Pisces with Virgo the opposite of pisces. The virgin gave birth to the fish. Makes me wonder if we will see a shift in birth rates toward Leo as we move into the Age of Aquarius. Maybe, maybe not...hard to say. Interesting though!

    14. Oh great connection with Virgo! I never caught either of those points! Yeah, those masons love their Virgo!

      I can't tell if the masons/witches are in touch with some supernatural power, or if it's just guys trying to play God. Maybe we're part of a meta ritual to manifest their reality on earth.

    15. And new year's EVE is the only culturally sanctioned day of the year to get inebriated and screw like rabbits, all while a giant phallus' ball drops in the delta in the square, then showers the biggest crowd in "confetti." Surely just coincidence haha

  7. I've been studying perihelion, the day the sun is the closest to the earth, which is January 4th, and Perihelion=286/666/111/336/66. I can't help but think a lot of what we will see taking place around New Year and the next few days will probably pay some tribute to this significant solar event. Sun=330. We are also in Capricorn right now which is something to consider in all of this.
    Capricorn=326/582/97/52 (Turkeys Bloody Year from top sub-headline=79) And it's of note that 79 is the 22nd prime number.

    Also, just look at the flag of Turkey, it's a crescent moon and a star, but if you look at kind of looks like an eclipse=222/33. Also, the capital of Turkey, Ankara is at 39°55′N 32°50′E. Interesting.

    Also, just as an aside. The Freemason's could be considered the "builders of Freedom" if you translate what Freemason literally means. Freedom=66/39. I also think it might turn out to be significant that Perihelion this year on January 4th will have date numerology of 42. (1+4+20+17)

    1. Excellent points. Obama is a Leo born 8/4 (solar king). And he's 55. Someone made a great connection for Obama and Jan. 9, which would be 5 days after the 4th. 45. 54. 5+4=9. 9 is "Satan's number." 9 is saturn's number. Saturn supposedly travels at 9.69km a sec. Satanism is saturnism.


      5+5=10. 10th house is capricorn's house.

    2. Speaking of fertility rituals and the number is this for an interesting narrative!

      Moon Landing=55
      Lunar Landing=55/127/622
      Man on the Moon=57/147/882

    3. Yup. Another fertility ritual haha. The moon is the goddess. Feminine. Pi in the sky. Haha. The moon rules over cancer. Cancer is the keystone in the royal arch in freemasonry. Check out Sirius and July and the flooding of the Nile.

      55 is code for saturn. Saturn is the ruler of space and time, the physical world. 5+5=10. Capricorn rules the 10th house, the house of saturn. Saturn=93


      Satanism is saturnism.

    4. Love the commentary guys very enlightening.

    5. Jan 8th!! Solar event watch date. David Bowie birthday. Blackstar released 1/8.. Its an annual earth pentagram apex window date.. The last one was October 29th/30 and we had Italy Massive Earthquake !!! It also ties to the movie Knowing but i cant upload graphics. Heads up

    6. Good to know Robert! Thanks! I never have watched Knowing...I might take the time to see that this week.

      There is more on this on the thread on the 2 Saudi's killed in Turkey...but everything going on all ties in with Gemini right now and it just hit me that right now Gemini is directly overhead and Gemini was also the name of the first NASA missions leading up to the moon landing.