Sunday, January 1, 2017

39 42 96 223 666 | Manhunt after Istanbul, Turkey "massacre" hoax, January 1, 2017 +Reina & Queen

Manhunt?  This is protocol in all of these false flags.

Manhunt after massacre = 76/94/220

Notice they are reporting 39 dead, on the January 1, 2017 attack.

1/1/2017 = 1+1+20+17 = 39

They're saying the attacker was dressed as 'Santa Claus'.

Santa Claus = 1/10+1+5+2+1+3+3+1+3+1/10 = 21/39

Let us not forget the other special gematria for 'Santa Claus'.

Revelation, the book of prophecy and destruction, is based on the 39 Books of the Old Testament.

I wouldn't be surprised if one of the primary purposes of this news story was to scare the people participating in festivities for New Year's in New York City.

And again, let us not forget how 'Nightclub' synchs with 'New' as in 'New Year' and 'New World Order'.

As we already knew, the Freemasons will be pushing fear in 2017, the year of 'Israel'.

2017 = 20+17 = 37

Israel = 37; Netanyahu = 37

Further, notice they say the attack happened at 1:15, the 75th minute of the New Year.  Yesterday they first reported 40 injured and 35 dead, or a total of 75 people.

This incident has parallels to the Friday the 13th attack in Paris France, November 13, 2015.  Keep in mind January 13, 2017, will be a Friday the 13th as well.  Anyhow, the name of this club has gematria connecting to 'France'.

From the France attack to the Turkey attack is 415-days, or a span of 416.

113% of a year?  Remember, Scottish Rite Freemasonry came to power in France.

'113' was coded into the names of the Paris attackers, the birthdays, and more.  Plus the attack took place on 11/13.

Let us also not forget the significance of Friday the 13th.

Let us not forget the parallel between the Freemasons and the Satanic.

Freemasonry = 67; Satanic = 67

Recall, the ranging degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry sum to '96'; 31+32+33.

Also, again, recall the connection between '35', '39' and '42', in regards to 'Terrorist'.

It was first reported that at least 35 people were dead in the nightclub on the date with '39' numerology, New Year's Day, 2017.

Istanbul = 26/35/98