Friday, February 3, 2017

42 51 96 144 223 | Atlanta Falcon, Michael Vick, retires from football 2-days before Super Bowl 51, February 3, 2017

Here's a retirement by the numbers, ripe for Super Bowl 51.

February is also a fitting month for Vick to retire.

Remember, the divisors of '42' sum to '96'.  Today's date has '42' numerology, coming in 'February'.

2/3/2017 = 2+3+20+17 = 42

From Vick's 36th birthday to his retirement is a span of 223-days.

Keep in mind Bill Belichick began the season with 223-wins.  Masonic = 223

To his upcoming 37th birthday is a span of 144-days.  Time = 144; Patriots = 37

Dropped the ball = 66/138 (First Super Bowl season in '66) (NFL = 66)

Vick only played against the Patriots twice in his life, losing both times, once as a Falcon, once as a Jet.

Notice he lost 10-24, a sum of 34 points.  Falcons = 34; Brady's 34th playoff game

He also lost while a member of the Jets, but not playing.  He was 34-years old and 112-days...
Notice the sum of the score, 25-27, a total of '52', reminding of this Super Bowl date, 5/2.