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13 39 93 97 112 169 | Colts must finish 9-7 to make playoffs +Their final 3 games decoded

On September 7, just before the start of the 97th season of the NFL, September 8, ESPN the Magazine wrote this about Andrew Luck having to earn it.  To "earn it", he will need to win his last three games of the season.

Being down 6-7 after Week 14, he is definitely going to have to 'earn it'.

The next three games are all must wins, and that starts at the Vikings.  The Colts are 3-3 on the road this season.

Colts @ Vikings, December 18, 2016

From Andrew Luck's birthday, to his upcoming game against the Minnesota Vikings, is 97-days.  Again, this is the 97th season of the NFL.  The Colts have to win out to make the playoffs, and if they do, they will improve to 9-7, from where they currently sit, 6-7.  They don't have the most favorable schedule, so they would have to be very LUCKy.

The name 'Luck' connects to 'Minnesota', and the upcoming 51st Super Bowl, the 47th of the modern era.

Minnesota = 38/47/110; Luck = 11/20/47; First SB in 47th season of NFL; 47th SB (Modern Era)

Notice the date numerology of the game, December 18, 2016.

12/18/2016 = 12+18+(2+0+1+6) = 39
9/12/1989 = 9+1+2+1+9+8+9 = 39 (Andrew Luck's birth numerology)

Indianapolis is on the 39th parallel

This game will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the 93rd Meridian.  Can the Colts turn things around?

Minnesota, Vikings = 75/93; Indianapolis Colts = 75/93

The date 18/12 for December 18 can be broken down to 9/3.  18 = 9; 12 = 3

Minnesota Vikings = 93
Indianapolis Colts = 93
*Saturn = 93 (Keeper of time) (Time, Revelation, Prophecy)

From the date of the game until the upcoming Super Bowl will be 49-days, or a span of 50.

Revelation = 49; Revelation is based on the 39 Books of the Old Testament

In the regular season, the Vikings are 7-15-1 against the Colts.  The Colts are 15-7-1.  The Colts next win would make them 16-7-1.  Again, 167 is the 39th prime.

Read about how the Colts just lost to the Texans, at home, 22-17, getting the ball to try and take the lead, with 2:47 left on the clock, or 167-second, and a game summing to '39', on the '39th parallel, plus more:

13x3 = 39

If the Colts want to win the Super Bowl, they'll have to win 7 straight, 3 in the regular season, 3 in the playoffs, and 1 in the big game, February 5, 2017.

13 is the 7th Fibonacci Number.

The name Luck also connects to the 13th Fibonacci Number.

Super Bowl 51 will be on a date with '44' and '24' numerology this year.

2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44

2/5/17 = 2+5+17 = 24 (Colts = 15/24/69)

Before the season began, I documented what stood out about the July 24, 2014 episode of Pawn Stars, entitled Colts and Vikings.  That was a date with a numerology connecting to '13'.  Read about that here:

7/24/14 = 7+24+14 = 45

Season 10, Episode 6, July 24, 2014, Colts and Vikings (Episode #322 overall)
7/24/14 = 7+24+14 = 45 (Colt 45?)

Get this, for Season 10, Episode 6... '106'... of 'Pawn Stars', which debuted July 24, 2014, two-years ago today, the episode was named 'Colts and Vikings'.  Perhaps this game is what the episode was pointing to.  Or perhaps again in the future, this matchup will prove important.  ESPN predicted Colts and Vikings would be a future Super Bowl earlier this season.

Anyhow, notice how the episode name 'Colts and Vikings' connects to back to '13' as well.

Recall, the Colts won Super Bowl 41, which Prince performed in.  This year after his death on April 21, Jim Irsay, the owner of the Colts, bought his guitar on June 25, the anniversary date of his album Purple Rain.  Prince also died on a date with '41' numerology.

4/21/16 = 4+21+16 = 41 (Super Bowl = 41)(Baltimore = 41)(Jim Irsay = 41)(Colts, Super Bowl 41)

Also interesting is how the name 'Pawn Stars' connects to 'Super Bowl'.

We'll see what happens soon enough.

Can the Colts win three straight, to close out the season, playing for their possible third Super Bowl, in their 33rd season of being in Indianapolis?

The other remaining games are as follows:

December 24, 2016 (Saturday)

12/24/2016 = 12+24+20+16 = 72
12/24/2016 = 12+24+(2+0+1+6) = 45 (Thirteen)
12/24/2016 = 1+2+2+4+2+0+1+6 = 18
12/24/16 = 12+24+26 = 52 (Prophecy) (Super Bowl on 5/2, February 5)

This will be the 14th regular season game between the two teams, and 16th all-time.  The Raiders lead the regular season series 7-6, and 8-7 all-time.

Fourteen = 41; Baltimore = 41; Super Bowl = 41; 41, the 13th prime

Also, the game will come a span of 104-days from Andrew Luck's birthday.

104 is a special number to this nation.

7/4/1776 = 7+4+17+76 = 104 (Jerusalem = 104)
I know a 104-story building in Manhattan, that is 1776 feet tall.
*The company that built NRG Stadium, has Manhattan in their name

Their final game is at home against the Jaguars, a team they lost to in the U.K., by the number "13', earlier this season.  Notice the date of the game, is a date with '39' numerology, in Indianapolis, on the 39th parallel.

1/1/2017 = 1+1+20+17 = 39 (We began with '39'; 13x3 = 39)
1/1/2017 = 1+1+2+0+1+7 = 12 (Andrew Luck wears #12)
1/1/17 = 1+1+17 = 19

January = 27/90; Andrew Luck is 27 (3x9 and 1x27)

From Andrew Luck's birthday to the final game of the season, is a span of 112-days, or 111-days later.  If it is to be a rematch of 'The Greatest Game Ever Played', Indianapolis will face New York

New York = 39/111

The road to 9-7 is a very real possibility.  Let's see if he earns it.

One last point, 2006 was 10-years ago, the year of Super Bowl 41.  Ten = 20+5+14 = 39

The Colts close out against the Jaguars.

Believe = 33 (Colts 33rd year of being in Indianapolis this season)

One more "coincidence".  That Jaguars loss, 44-17, was on a date with a '112' connection.  December 10 can be written 10/12, or 1012, or 112.  Houston = 112; Horseshoe = 112; Andrew Luck = 112


  1. thE Colts do not need to finish 9-7, they need to tie next week with Vikings

  2. Replies
    1. They have to finish 9-7 because the Titans play the Texans the last game of the season unless both teams lost out and then tied that last game, they would then be 7-8-1. But that is pretty unlikely.

    2. Nah

      Colts finish 8-8

      Titans lose next 2 and beat texans, 8-8

      Texans lose next 3, 7-9

      Colts win division

    3. I do like the 8-8, to be honest, because 88 would just be hilarious, so it would depend of their conference records.

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    7. Colts have the h2h over the titans.

      Really dont see texans losing out though especially with 2/3 at home where theyve been strong all year. Jags up next as well and their shocking.

    8. Jmontz you are fucking stupid Texans will probably lose to bengals and titans

    9. Jmontz is too busy stroking zach off and taking it in the face

    10. @Truth

      I think there's a good chance that Texans lose to titans and bengals and beat the jags.

      The above post was referring to colts going through with 8-8 which could only happen if Texans lost all 3 games. Again i dont see Jags beating the texans on the road.

      I can see them losing 2/3 and colts going through 9-7. The 8-8 scenario though seems a very long shot.

      Not sure how speculating on an awful jags team not beating a very good home team in the texans makes me stupid.

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  4. I don't see a scenario where the Vikings lose next week, and still make the playoffs. The NFC wild card is very tight. Tonight's Giants game will be very telling. If the Giants win, they're a lock to go to the post-season. If they lose, I can see them choking big time.

  5. Colts vs. Vikings for sure... in the REGULAR SEASON!

    No matter what happens, the end of the season is going to be CURAZEE!

    Oakland will probably just coast/rest the last 2 games. Their wildcard spot is basically locked.

    1. Chiefs winning division ,raiders probably lose rest of their games

  6. Uh.. wrong. No colts. What world are you living on?

    1. this is Earth dude
      did you drop by for a visit?

    2. Who just comes up with a name like Anti-Colts, and trolls a board? A fucking virgin, that's who.

    3. People like this don't know how to love themselves.

  7. Zach you will be committing suicide #fraud #gg33forlife

    1. Tell me why he would commit suicide. Give us a logical reason ~

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    3. Show those hundos Gary. You look like a straight fish in those videos.

      I know when you roll through those casino, Vegas and the sharks drool over, all waiting for you to take a bite out of that bait.

    4. Zach you gotta earn it bro. You want your donations? Figure this shit out.

  8. all u guys r idiots for donating to Zach when he cant even make a correct pick

  9. gematria is for queers if Zach was legit he would be able to actually pick a game instead of playing both sides of the fence on that sorry discussion page

    1. Well said. Gary is the only legit numerologist in the world. Thats why i pay him 4 grand for his advice. GG33 all the way

    2. Why do you talk to yourself, are you that lonely? lmao we all know you're the same person.

    3. I think he prays someone will respond.

    4. I pray that u will one day admit ur a fraud

    5. I pray you stop fucking ppl in the ass zach

    6. Touts the Colts winning SB, and calls Trump a puppet for elites. both proven to be false.

    7. Never seen a loser as sore as Mike here.

  10. The colts will finish 6-10!

    That's also Prophecy. Fact

    Up next Josh mcdaniels or Shanagan in Indy

    Playoffs ,,, you talking about playoffs ??? Lmao

  11. How about that Browns analogy ? That was pure comedy.

    112=Houtson lmao

    1. Remember how you asked about 112 earlier, and now again?
      The regular season concludes 112 days from Andrew Luck's birthday. As much as you troll here, you should know why that matters.

    2. You went with the Browns today as much as you troll here. Andrew luck isn't winning shit !

    3. Harry please kill yourself you are probably a lonely virgin

    4. 6-10 that's where they will finish not 10-6

      Like you predicted !

    5. I didn't go with the Browns. I just document the possibilities before the game that I see. I've said all season the Browns could tank for the Cavs and Indians who went to chamionships. I've also said many times, never bet on the Browns, because even when things line up, they often lose, like earlier this season, where every '13' connected team won EXCEPT the Browns.

    6. Zach doesn't have the testicular fortitude to stop being wishy washy because he's a liberal sissy,u will never see him lay it on the line and pick a game because he too afraid of making a wrong pick that will prove hes a fraud to all his sheep

    7. Why does he need to lay on the line for other people. How is he liberal? What are you a commie?

      How about it he lets people have the choice to make their own decision with their hard working money. Unlike people like yourself who suck off the system.

    8. he claims his picks are correct but what happened to cubs astros and rangers now hes saying colts patriots giants Vikings and lions win super bowl

    9. When did he claim this? You have to show your fanboy's the proof or how you going to get people following your cult?

    10. That's a great find Zach.

      9-12-16 to 1-1-17 (final game/week 17) = 112 days.

      I'm frustrated like a lot of others, but I'm not throwing in the towel yet.

    11. any minute now Zach gonna make a jew tube video crying how hes been trolled when his giants hedge pick loses tonight

    12. this is highly entertaining watching jew boys picks go belly up every week and the colts/vikings getting further and further from playoffs each week.

      soon this fraud will be exposed

  12. u guys r all gonna go down by drinking the koolaid, Zach is nothing than a wanna be cult leader, when the colts don't even make the playoffs what will u guys do huh, will u finally demand ur money back and move on from Zachary l ron hubbard

    1. Give it up brother. You've been here saying I was wrong about the Broncos, Cavs and Cubs this season. Even if you end up being right about this one, the score will be 1-3, not in your favor. Hush.

    2. The only person in a cult is you... the way you speak your mouth and get excited for sick reasons right?

      Just think about it for a second. I know its hard with all mind control you been through and how its terrorized your dreams to be able to create into reality.

      But you should give it a shot.

    3. Lmao best comment yet from Mike! Lmao

      Dude that was hilarious ... Zackary Ron Hubbard

      Ahhhhhhhaasaa dying here fuck you Mike ��������������������

    4. oh so Zach now finally admits his colts pick is gonna be wrong, just like his cubs astros pick then his cubs rangers pick

    5. How about answer my questions... oh wait... you don't have any intelligence to.

      Lets talk brotha~

    6. last Thursday Zach never said who his pick was but then all of a sudden when the chiefs won he wants to take credit for that pick where no where on that blog did he pick between the two teams Zach just hedges and hops on the winners side

    7. Show me where he took credit?

      How does he hedge his bets? Do you even know how hedge means?

      How does he "hop" on the winner side when hes HEDGING his bet LOLOL

    8. I wasn't here for those picks retard!!!

      I found your channel by accident. Russian Vids
      Called you out. So I gave you a chance.

      Once you started with the Vikings b.s I knew you were a joke then you went to LSU and further becoming a joke.

      Finally you said colts vs Giants. I did the research and found that was bogus too.

      There is no score !
      You're owned and you live in a cold basement with no insurance.

      Ironically you call everyone faggot troll....

    9. Zach just picks every team and takes credit for it. He takes credit for the sky being blue

    10. Zach said Clinton wins L, Zach said ww3 starts on thanksgiving L, Zach said cubs astros rangers make ws L, Zach said colts giants L

    11. Where Where Where Bro? Links?

      He is choice of words are wiser than your imbecile comments when you don't have anything to support your claims.

      He never guaranteed anything.

    12. what about the election jew boy? wasnt the cubs and clinton synced up? chuck the election down as something else you got wrong you worthless unemployed fuckboy

    13. Who the fuck cares what he gets wrong? His work has been proven correct 1000x times over. It makes absolutely no difference what he does from this point on. Anyone spending time trying to discredit him is either an ignorant idiot or a sore loser defending their ego.

  13. So much writing for the COLTS, FOR nothing! They won't make it, I said in the beginning of the season.

    Look at the GREAT Gematria for the SPURS - NETS Game, AMAZING(!):

    1. It's sad how many trolls hang out here. Milo last year said Cavs and Warriors were wrong, and Spurs would win. Here we go again. And for those who only read, please contribute to the voices of the sane people can outweigh the contributions of the trolls.

    2. days the troll that picks the Browns.
      Quits on the Vikings on thanks giving day
      Says the " Colts are done losing "

      Zack are you trolling your own blog ?

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    4. I'm starting to believe Mike Manning, Mike Smith, and Harry Butts are the same person. All they do is troll instead of actually contributing to the research.

      Instead of trolling Zach for being wrong, why not provide constructive criticism you buffoons.

    5. They are.

      Think about it, if you believe something is crap you dont continue to give it your time day after day, week after week like these trolls do.

      There just paid trolls, there literally all over the internet nowadays.

    6. Good call Milo, I have been saying it as well. And I am not going to disclose the winner of the AFC because no one has listened to me and no one deserves to know. It is so obvious now.

    7. Ohhh Milo. How about deleting you comments and written picks.. Last time you wrote spurs vs minesotta pick ( nba of course) and lost. Why you deleted it? Are you just a troll?? :D:D

    8. Yes and he is here to try and change people's perceptions. Specifically people who don't know about all the evidence proving Zach's work correct. The same level of ignorance present in each of the comments shows it's the same person. Don't waste your time on him, just let the new people know what he is doing.

  14. just watch tonight zachs gonna pick both the giants an cowboys and to win and then at the end of the game hes gonna hop on the winner team dick like he always does

    1. So tell me about this hedging and hopping on the winner while hedging?

  15. If the NY Giants win, I will want to personally find Andrew Luck and kick his ass.

    That GODDAMN team would have been the only team to bust my parlay.

    1. Don't be one of Zacks Goy word to the wise.

  16. Dallas 121 or 112 lmao

    Zack stop trolling.. Figure out the plane crashes

    Refund the GOY ASAP

  17. right now Zach sitting in the corner of his room crying himself to sleep

  18. I'm done with this Gematria crap. Embarrassed myself telling others about it

    1. Do you think ANYONE, like even ONE person, cannot see through your bullshit? How fucking pathetic are you?

  19. Basement with no heat.

    Bum knee and hot pockets.

    He's fine he has nothing on the colts or Giants he's not dumb the GOY are !

    Hubbard is doing his job. HALF truths the Jew way!

  20. Zach picked da giants tonight cant wait see him get another L I'm gonna get my popcorn ready folks

  21. Snowing in NJ... The Cowboys have the best RB and the best offensive line.

    Guess what happens tonight GOY?

    Elliot will fumble at least once tonight.

    But he will redeem himself.

  22. Replies
    1. I know, I usually do. But they are fun because they have mental capacity of a chimp.

  23. DAK, Stafford , Matty Ice , Rodgers , Eli , Wilson


    Goat Brady

    Carr, smith , Marriota , Big Ben , flacco

    Not hard to see who's going to the SB

  24. fools I toldya da one smart ones r da mikes even harry n numbers game r more reliable at least they knew colts vikings r joke. bet on this colts vikings n giants all miss playoffs. rfg chosen fag is broke in monply money haha fuckin clown

  25. As much as I want the colts to win SB 51, it's not gonna happen.

    1. Its so pathetic that Gary or whoever has to create a fake name with a colts picture just to make it seem like more people are discrediting zachs work haha

    2. It's as pathetic as can get. Shows Zach is too close for comfort, to them.

  26. Uh.. wrong. No colts. What world are you living on?

  27. Texans need to lose 2 out of 3, Titans only need to lose 1 cuz Colts beat them2wice in reg season, with that sad, ..Houston has to play Jax and Cinci at home and have to lose one of them 2 , that shit just aint happening...but Giants still alive:)

    1. bengals are a good team, and jaguars beat the colts earlier this year, you act like a shit team can't win in a rigged league.

    2. This kids a sellout. Wouldnt really waste time on him.

  28. Pagano, "Pick yourself up and keep moving foward. 44 second vid on ESPN, guess that says it

  29. Maybe his 3 turnovers will signify there 3 straight wins

  30. If they win out and make the playoffs, they're division record will be 3-3, (33)

  31. why don't you ban these obvious trolls?
    and to all these people saying they don't see this happening or that happening...
    the games are RIGGED, 'they' can do ANYTHING 'they' want...
    they = 58
    freemasonry = 58
    if they want the jaguars to look like the joe montana/jerry rice era 49ers, then that is what will happen...

    1. It's no more than 1 or 2 trolls. It's hilarious imagining the perception they must have to think they are actually fulfilling their agenda and that it is a good one in the first place.

  32. well done Zach, another great week picking absolute shit you waste of space. the clinton election and the superbowl youve been very wrong about, and you just stole the nba and mlb picks. jew boy is exposed i cant believe you people are still donating

    1. Want to provide logic or proof behind anything you are saying?

      No, didn't think so.

      The picks he has made recently mean absolutely nothing in terms of proof. His work is has been proven true a thousand separate instances over.

      Keep up the trolling. It's a good use of your time.

  33. sam bradfords bday to game day:

    Time period between November 8, 2016 and December 18, 2016 (exclusive) equals to:
    • 40 days(41)
    • ... or 5 weeks & 5 days
    • ... or approx. 1 months
    Between November 8, 2016 and December 18, 2016 (exclusive) there are:
    • 27 working days (216 hours),
    • 13 non-working days including:
    • 6 Saturdays,
    • 5 Sundays,
    • 2 federal holidays falling on weekdays

    Time period between December 18, 2016 and November 8, 2017 (exclusive) equals to:
    • 325 days(326)
    • ... or 46 weeks & 3 days
    • ... or approx. 10 months
    Between December 18, 2016 and November 8, 2017 (exclusive) there are:
    • 224 working days (1792 hours),
    • 101 non-working days including:
    • 46 Saturdays,
    • 47 Sundays,
    • 8 federal holidays falling on weekdays

  34. mike zimmer info for matchup vs colts:

    Record:25-20, this will be his 46th game

    Time period between June 5, 2016 and December 18, 2016 (exclusive) equals to:
    • 196 days(197)
    • ... or 28 weeks
    • ... or approx. 6 months
    Between June 5, 2016 and December 18, 2016 (exclusive) there are:
    • 135 working days (1080 hours),
    • 61 non-working days including:
    • 28 Saturdays,
    • 28 Sundays,
    • 5 federal holidays falling on weekdays

    Time period between December 18, 2016 and June 5, 2017 (exclusive) equals to:
    • 169 days(170)
    • ... or 24 weeks & 1 days
    • ... or approx. 5 months
    Between December 18, 2016 and June 5, 2017 (exclusive) there are:
    • 115 working days (920 hours),
    • 54 non-working days including:
    • 24 Saturdays,
    • 25 Sundays,
    • 5 federal holidays falling on weekdays

  35. Not sure if this means anything but the year the colts won the sb in 2006 the first game they played was against the Giants winning with a score of 26-21 sum of 47
    The second game they played was against Houston they also won that game 43-24 a sum of 67
    It's sb 47 and the colts just went to 6-7 after playing Houston

    1. The also beat the patriots week 9 nov 5 11/5
      Sum of 47

    2. As well Week 13-15 of 2006
      The played the Titans, jags and bengals the same 3 teams Houston plays, they lost to jags and Titans and beat the bengals
      Week 16 they played Houston in Houston and lost 27-24
      Sum of 51
      I feel like something might be here

    3. Week 15 of 2006 Houston played New England and lost 40-7
      And again Houston played colts week 16 winning 27-24 sum of 51
      Not sure if this for shadowing but def interesting

    4. Ty Hilton said "we laid down"
      = 110 n 660
      Minnesota = 110 n 660
      Prophetic = 110 n 660
      Chronic lier = 110 n 660

    5. Darius butler said "we blew it" = 99
      Dark horse = 99
      Back on track = 99
      Delusion = 99
      Pale horse = 99

  36. Wow if colts win all 3 games they will be 6-6 in there conference. "66" 3-3 in division "33"
    5-3 on the road "35" 4-4 home record "44" 9-7 overall record "97" or "79". Champion = 79 ordinal of 53 the year colts founded

  37. There are still many scenarios left for colts. They don't even need to win all remaining 3 games to get to playoffs (2 can be enough). Winning their division OR getting a wild card spot are both possible.

    For example, now that Colts lost yesterday (which I called wrong), Luck would still get his 51st win is super bowl if colts play in wild card round.

    If Colts and Vikings both play wild cards, would certainly emphasize the "dark horse" narrative for SB51.

    1. IF colts lose to vikings next week, they cannot get a wild card spot.
      (Broncos have 8 wins already and they won against colts this season)
      (raiders already at 10 wins)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Only way Colts get to wild card SPOT:

      Colts win remaining 3 games AND broncos AND dolphins lose all their remaining games AND ravens AND titans go either 0-3 or 1-2.

      Colts can go straight to playoffs by winning remaining 2 games
      IF texans lose next 3 AND titans go 1-2 (colts have W's against titans but L's against texans) regardless of results in other divisions. OR colts can win all 3 (and texans get max 1 wins and titans max 2 wins).

  38. Hey Zach, their next will will be their 501st.. The divisors of 501 include 167. I think we're money on this. Also Mike Pence's wife was wearing 50 at the game yesterday. If Chuck Pagano wins the next 3 games he will have 50 career wins at the end of the season

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. When I put $100,000 on Colts not to make the playoffs at -250 odds. LMFAO thanks gematria/numerology frauds. I knew you were a fraud, I could catch ur lies months ago, I don't live my life in a lie. #easymoney.
    Colts not making payoffs and ill cash in. Thanks boi

  41. Pick chiefs, this is a game that can be parlayed

    12/18/2016=66 317 days to mariota’s next bday which is 66th prime
    =46 nashville tn, malarkey can pick up 46th loss overall
    =39 alex smith
    =21 if titans lose they stay at 21 wins, if smith wins he stays at 21 home losses in reg season
    =30 if kc wins they pick up 30th win, if andy reid wins he has 113th losses which is the 30th prime , chiefs can also go to 11-3 on the season, 30 days from mularkeys prev bday

    5-1 at home
    2-1 vs afc south
    Vs broncos next on snf

    3-3 away
    1-2 vs afc west
    @ jaguars next

    Kansas City Chiefs Franchise Encyclopedia
    Seasons: 57 (1960 to 2016)
    Record (W-L-T): 445-408-12
    Playoff Record: 9-16
    Super Bowls Won: 1 (2 Appearances)
    Championships Won*: 2
    27-21 vs titans, this will be 49th meeting
    29-21, this will be 51st meeting

    Houston Oilers/Tennessee Oilers/Tennessee Titans Franchise Encyclopedia
    Seasons: 57 (1960 to 2016)
    Record (W-L-T): 411-448-6
    Playoff Record: 14-19
    Super Bowls Won: 0 (1 Appearance)
    Championships Won*: 2

    Mularkey can pick up 14th loss with ten
    Till end of year
    Time period between December 18, 2016 and December 31, 2016 (exclusive) equals to:
    • 13 days(14)
    • ... or 1 weeks & 6 days
    Between December 18, 2016 and December 31, 2016 (exclusive) there are:
    • 9 working days (72 hours),
    • 4 non-working days including:
    • 1 Saturdays,
    • 2 Sundays,
    • 1 federal holidays falling on weekdays

    Chiefs=50, 50 days from mariota prev day
    Till super bowl
    Time period between December 18, 2016 and February 5, 2017 (exclusive) equals to:
    • 49 days(50)
    • ... or 7 weeks
    • ... or approx. 1 months
    Between December 18, 2016 and February 5, 2017 (exclusive) there are:
    • 32 working days (256 hours),
    • 17 non-working days including:
    • 7 Saturdays,
    • 7 Sundays,
    • 3 federal holidays falling on weekdays

    1. if titans lose this game then they beat Houston the colts will be fine, colts just cant have anymore losses

    2. Cinci and titans will provide Houston to finish 8-8
      If titans finish out 2-1 and 9-7 colts will still have the edge. The original oilers team will beat the Texans

  42. The Indianapolis Colts' 22-17 loss to Houston was a major blow to their playoff hopes.

    There's now an 8.2 percent chance for the Colts to make the playoffs, according to If they had won, it would have been 56.9 percent. It still can happen it's a script

    1. Turn that chance into profit they will win the division

  43. If you sum the total points scored in the colts texans game and giants cowboys game you get 56, 56 days before the super bowl. It aint over til its over.

  44. From 9/7/16 to 2/5/17 (super bowl 51) is 151 days!!