Sunday, December 11, 2016

13 39 41 | AFC South, Week 14, all 4 team scores connected to "13"

Okay, it is "Week Fourteen", and all teams are playing their 13th game this season.

Fourteen = 41; Super Bowl 41; 41 is the 13th prime number

The Titans, who are originally from Houston, and the Texans, both improved to 7-6 today, while the Colts QB, Andrew Luck, who played his high school ball in Houston, fell to 6-7, losing at home to the Texans.

Notice the Titans won with 13-points, over the defending Super Bowl champs.

Super Bowl = 41; 41 the 13th prime

As for the sum of 23-points, 83 is the 23rd prime number.

Colorado = 83; Football = 83

Meanwhile, the Jaguars have lost 25-16, for a sum of 41, the 13th prime.

As for the Vikings winning with '25', against '97' is the '25th prime' number, and this is the 97th season of the NFL.  25 is also the reflection of 52, and they will be hosting Super Bowl 52.

39 is divisible by 13, and now "Luck" is 1 game back with 3 remaining.

The halftime score was 13-3.

Read amore about the finish of this game and '39' here:


  1. Zach you and your followers will be committing suicide after colts lose

    1. So who is winning the SB then, in your expert opinion? Didn't you pick the Rangers to win the WS? Enlighten us, if you have all the answers.

    2. there's an asshole in every crowd thanks MM

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    2. Lions Titans. This is my work

      Titans and Lions started the season 1-3

      The Titans won today with a score of 13

      When they played each other week 2 the combined score was 31

      Super Bowl 31 was held in NOLA

      13 years later the Saints played the colts in the Super Bowl

      Jim Caldwell was on the the 2009 colts that went to Super Bowl 44

      The saints won with 31 points

      The Lions played the saints week 13

      The combined score of that game was 41. The last time the colts won the Super Bowl

      The Lions have the broke the record for most 4qrtr comeback previously held by the 2009 colts where Caldwell was on

      Staffords first season was 2009.

      09 draft went first overall. =91

      Detroit = 91

      The Titans beat the raining Super Bowl champions 13-10

      A lot like 113. The Super Bowl will be in the year of the 113th World Series

      The same week the Lions beat the Bears. Which is the town that holds the World Series trophy.

      Staffords torn Ligaments in his hand and this GB blowout is a trap to bet on GB

    3. I agree but with a healthy stafford i don't thing it really matters no running game=death

  3. Konrad Reuland (former Colts player) dies at age 29 (Andrew = 29).
    Konrad Reuland = 57
    Fifty Seven = 131 = Championship = Superbowl
    Date of death 12/12/2016, date numerologies of 15, 33, 40, 60
    Colts = 15
    Andrew Luck = 40
    Indianapolis = 60

    Born on 4/4, date of SB51 has 44 numerology: 5+2+20+17=44

    Who knows if that is meaningful or I'm just finding what I'm looking for. Though his name gematria of 57 is significant for certain.