Sunday, December 11, 2016

37 57 94 223 | Lions defeat the Bears 20-17, 57-days from Super Bowl 52 (Lions-Colts riddle ongoing)

Detroit wins 20-17, in December.

Remember, Zurlon Tipton, #37 of the Colts, died 223-days before the Super Bowl.  Notice Stafford had 223 passing yards.  The former Colts coach, is the current Lions coach.  In Week 1, the Colts went up on Detroit with 37-seconds left in the game, only to give up a late field goal, giving the Lions a lead with 37-points.

The Super Bowl is February 5, 2017.

Today's game is 57-days from the Super Bowl.

The Lions record, 9-4, reads like '94'.

Recall how '57' connects back to Andrew Austen Luck.  Andrew Austen Luck = 57

*Update, reading comments, I realize a lot of you follow this work, but don't understand it.  The league is a script, and the tributes run through teams to other teams.  I am not saying the Lions will win the Super Bowl.  I am showing this ongoing parallel between both football teams, that has been running all season, up to the present.  This is a thinking man's blog, not for fools.  THINK.

By documenting, over time, we can unlock the riddles more accurately, and document what they "thinking flaws" are as well.  For those of you who are paid $10 an hour to troll this channel, if you spent time figuring out how this system works, you could probably earn more than you are now trolling.  Thank me later.