Sunday, December 11, 2016

13 41 44 84 86 | Deflate Gate 2.0, New York Giants @ Steelers, December 4, 2016, 686-days after "Deflate Gate 1.0"

This is in regards to the Week 13, December 4, 2016 games.

Notice the Giants lost with '14' in Week 13, in Eli Manning's 13th season.  You know, the man who handles the balls, and who throws to #13.

'Steelers' have gematria of '31', the reflection of '13'.

This game came 84-days after the Week 1 Games of the NFL season, September 11, 2016.

The Steelers are in their 84th NFL season.  United States of America = 84; Jesuit = 84

The divisors of '44' sum to '84', and PSI connects to '44'.

From the original Deflate Gate game, January 18, 2015, to this 'Deflate Gate 2.0', is 686-days later, an interesting number in light of the title 'Deflate Gate'.

Notice the '86' gematria of 'Deflate Gate'.

It was the Denver Broncos who deflated the Deflate Gateing Patriots in 2016.

We began with '41' and '13' for 'Deflate Gate'.  Think about the 13 steps on the Pyramid on the Dollar Bill.

Deflate Gate is now connected to 1 NF Team, and 3 AFC Teams.

NFC:  Giants
AFC:  Patriots, Colts, Steelers


The loses of the 'Deflate Gate' games are the Colts and the Giants.  Eli is in his 13th season.  Luck is attached to '13' through his name.