Monday, May 15, 2017

22 42 43 58 84 147 224 303 322 | Derek Jeter's #2 retirement, the 22nd jersey retired with the New York Yankees, May 14, 2017

Jeter, having his #2 retired May 14, 2017, was the 22nd player to have his jersey retired with the Yankees.... 2... 22...

Jordan was in attendance, because Jeter is part of Jordan brand.

When you write out '22', it sums to '42'.

Jeter was 42 years old for the ceremony.

Read about Derek Jeter's retirement coming 43-days before his 43rd birthday.

Forty Two = 43

Now, to take this to World Series.... remember, Derek Jeter won 5.

22 is the master builder number.  The Freemasons are builders.

And speaking of Freemasonry...

Game over.

Bonus credits.

Tying in with '84', the Yankees played a double header against the Astros, who are in first place in the AL, on this same day.  The divisors of '84' sum to '224' like the Gematria of 'Double Header'.

Think about it, 2 games, for the retirement of #2.

Also, the year Jeter was drafted, the Astros had the #1 pick, and they took Phil Nevin.

The Yankees won the first, lost the second.  They went 1-1.  New York, the 11th State.

11 = Master Number
22 = Master Builder (Master = 22)
33 = Master Teacher (Teacher = 33)