Tuesday, June 6, 2017

33 57 58 71 83 88 89 | Magic Johnson was swept twice in the NBA Finals, 1983 and 1989, will LeBron be as well?

This comment was left in regards to my video about LeBron tying Magic Johnson with 8 triple doubles in the NBA Finals, an NBA record.  Did you know Magic was swept twice?  I looked it up, it is true.  See below...

Magic = 33; Earvin = 33; NBA Finals = 33; Cleveland = 33; LeBron = 33; James = 33

Remember, LeBron tied Magic's record 71-days before Magic's 58th birthday.

71st season of the NBA; Triple Double = 58; Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58
NBA Finals = 57 (Magic is 57 at the moment)

The year's Magic was swept were 1982-83, the last time the city of Philadelphia won.  If the Warriors win the Finals this year, they'll have won 83-games in the entire season, 67 in regular season and 16 in playoffs.  Again, the Warriors are originally from Philadelphia.

The other time Magic was swept, was by Detroit, the 1988-89 season.  If Curry sweeps LeBron, the sweep will come on his 88th day of being 29-years-old.  Remember, 88 has been a big number with the Warriors for at least the past two seasons.


Think about the Gematria of King James.  King James = 89 (1989?)

And 83... 83, 23rd prime; King = 23; Sweep = 23

If the Warriors win Game 3, I think the sweep is highly likely...

LeBron was last swept by the Spurs, who the Warriors swept this year.  That was in '07, 10-years ago.

Also, keep in mind what I said about the NBA Draft, Lonzo Ball, and the Los Angeles and Philadelphia history...