Tuesday, September 12, 2017

96 129 205 | BibleStudy.org files copyright strike against me for using their content, and Google (Blogger) takes down my February 20, 2017 post

My YouTube video for this post:


All I did was add to their findings.

Why would they want to take that from the web?  I also provided the link to their website to help them get more traffic.

Keep in mind today is September 12, or 12/9.

This post ends with the following fact about the United States and Noah's Ark and 129...


By the way, this happened on the 205th day of the post existing.

All Seeing Eye, United Kingdom, Knights Templar, Israel.

Doesn't it all make too much sense?  Those are straight lines.

Freemason = 96

Notice the DMCA was made in '96.

ALSO, for the record, Genesis 9:12, a reshuffling of 129, speaks to Noah.