Tuesday, January 10, 2017

33 57 66 | Orange Crush, the name of the winning play for 2017 College FB Championship, Clemson over Alabama

Destiny, eh?


Again, the final score was 35-31, for a sum of '66' points.

The "Orange Crush" defeated the "Crimson Tide".

Clemson 35 (First championship in 35-years)
Alabama 31 (Alabama = 13/31) (#13 had game winning TD)

Orange = 6+9+1+5+7+5 = 33 (Tigers = 33/42) (Second = 24/33)
Crush = 3+9+3+1/10+8 = 24/33
Orange Crush = 57/66

Crimson = 3+9+9+4+1/10+6+5 = 37/46
Tide = 2+9+4+5 = 20
Crimson Tide = 57/66

And let us not forget, Alabama was going for their 27th straight win.

1/9/17 = 1+9+17 = 27

Also, the man who caught the ball, 'Renfrow', #13, has the perfect name.

*The oil pipeline broke in Alabama on September 9, 2016.

33 receptions in 2015?  Orange = 33; Crush = 33; Tigers = 33; Second = 33

Notice he was born on 12/21 as well.  12+21 = 33

12/21/1995 = 12+21+19+95 = 147
12/21/1995 = 12+21+(1+9+9+5) = 57 (Orange Crush) (Crimson Tide)
12/21/1995 = 1+2+2+1+1+9+9+5 = 30
12/21/95 = 12+21+95 = 128
12/21 = 12+21 = 33

Nick Saban, Alabama's coach, also had the '57' connection for a life lesson number:

The name Hunter also ties to the Three Kings of Orion's Belt, and we just saw some significant 'Three Kings Day' tributes, including the hoax shooting in Florida at Fort Lauderdale Airport.


  1. Its all a Hypnotic Linguistic Script from the High Priests conjuring up the Coming Orange Events...Volcano eruption.Thats how I knew Clemson was winning... Look at Beyoncé perfume HEAT RUSH!!! Bottle shaped like an ERUPTION...Boys its a coming.......

    1. Interesting. When you think such eruption will happen and where?

    2. Volcanos are places where chemical waste has been dumped long long time ago.

    3. Lava is red, orange, yellow or crimson.
      Lava could be orange, I guess. Skeptical. There are volcanoes continually erupting on earth, just like lightning strikes constantly flickering somewhere.

      So, yeah, where and when?

    4. Long long to me is before there were 'chemicals', tell me more about this, dumping = volcanic, quite interested.

    5. Yes, we don't know our history. Not really.
      What happened for example 500 years ago?
      Pretty much no idea; nearly anything can be wiped out / rewritten when years pass and generations die.

      To me, the notion that ancient people (or people before our time) were stupider than us and very different from us is laughable. Most likely they were pretty much the same.

      So where did they dump all their waste? In volcanos for example.

      Why do we have flat topped mountains (mesas)? Why mountains etc. in general look like they have been mined on the side?

      Because most likely they have been mined long time ago.

    6. @ Shawn Clayton

      Are you thinking orange = yellowstone ?

    7. In other words, volcanos used to be empty, excavated, mined mountains where they dumped stuff and sealed afterwards.
      Some of them, like Fuji, even the mountain itself looks like someone piled dirt and made a MOUNT.

      Just a thought.

    8. @InsaneUnknown

      What do you think?

    9. Alex Jones has been fear mongering about Yellowstone for years. I wonder if 2017 is finally the year they blow it...

    10. Scientology's mythos revolves around volcanoes as containers for aliens or something like that. Put there by a space god named Xenu, which seems to go together suspiciously well with the word of the year Xenophobic (which has been applied to the supporters of Mr. Orange Crush himself, Donald Trump).
      The creature from the Alien movie franchise is called a Xenomorph.

    11. Grand Canyon.
      A yuuuuge quarry.

    12. Go watch My pet goat II Look for bottle held in front of a mushroom cloud. Wait more to come, as "they" say we live in interesting times.

    13. Yellowstone pops and we are all dead, kinda not a good way to get NWO when no one is left to rule.

    14. Well, I'm big into aliens and our use of their (alien's)technology, really our only technology. I'm not flat earth, but don't believe the moon landing/ spacewalks ever occured. We might have a space station, maybe it's borrowed or alien made for man to use. As far as history it's mostly up for grabs.

      I'm sure our civilization isn't the first wave.

    15. Maybe it can be reset like a computer game. Maybe that's what happens when a civilization "dies" out/disappears. Maybe they just change the names, language, and basic mythology, and then see what happens like how ancient Greece and Rome have an awful lot in common.

    16. Keep the basic mythology, I mean.

      Likehow the Jesus story is basically the same in many different cultures just called by a different name.

  2. Shawn Clayton any relation to Debra Clayton LOL.

    Youtube Comment" in the English Reduction system equals 57

    Arbitrary" in the English Reduction system equals 49

    Arbitrary" in the English Ordinal system equals 112

    112-49= .. 63 ..

    The Key of David = 63

    E. Clark Zionist" in the English Reduction system equals 63

    Mason Revelation" in the English Reduction system equals 66

    1. Internet" in the English Reduction system equals 42

      Internet" in the English Ordinal system equals 105

      105-42 = .. 63 ..

      The Internet" in the English Reduction system equals 57

      Without Narrative you are constantly running in circles trying to break the Cypher. That is the point of feeding you interesting but ultimately Arbitrary Hindsight Information.

    2. Yellowstone is my guess. We are in the script playing out presently, but sometimes the scripted Catastrophes dont manifest in our 3d reality..Remember 2012 movie Black president, Deep impact Black president, It was supposed to happen under Obama but as of yet it hasnt...Remember during the Election process the News media did a story on TRUMP asking " Why does Trump look ORANGE? Google it you will see what i mean, The Orange code has been in play for awhile it is a Catastrophe code for Earthquakes, Volcanos, fire, etc etc...Think of the show Orange is the new BLACK! Black = Death.....Surely everyone has noticed all the Volcano activity and Earthquakes right?? Well thats whats in store for us before the Phoenix Rises in 2018 with a new currency. Its been shown on the economist cover from 88 whats about to transpire..Add to that Tom Illuminati Cruise telling us in Oblivion that 2017 the year of the Last superbowl.....The High Priests are trying to Manifest this currently with the Orange Events..America will have a Tsunami 80 percent chance in 2017 it Manifests, we are being warned now thats why the theme last night at the game was Gimme Shelter!! You have to not want to see it its really in our faces...Remember the movie Hunger Games? Hunger Games =118 Eruption =118.. Once the Volcano Erupts the Hunger Games will begin.......

    3. I've always thought it was interesting that Wyoming is the 44th State.

    4. Ok. Thanks.

      Sure, there are a lot of signs out there.
      But phoenix can rise from the ashes even if the ashes are only figurative or caused by something else than eruption. Same with hunger games.

      If you know when and where, if you see these signs pointing to something spesific, I'm interested.

    5. Clayton Control Opposition" in the English Reduction system equals 119

      Shawn Clayton" in the English Reduction system equals 47

      Robert Clayton" in the English Reduction system equals 60

      Are all of you Zach's Shills? Are there any real Human Beings on this site?

    6. Dude fuck off. Im a daddy of 3 little girls who has studied the High priests hypnotic linguistic scripts for years..Not everybody is controlled opposition grow up..you want me to tell you everything is peachy keen and your gonna be fine for 60 years.. Your not! Be Ready...

    7. The Phoenix Cardinals will win the 2018 or 2019 Superbowl?


    1. Where's your blog posts and videos on the scripting in the game? Start your own channel, compete that way.

    2. I had the understanding that Gary had Alabama? Where do you say Clemson? Gary's minion kept saying Bama..

    3. Zach ignore him........................

    4. I'm the one that said Clemson. I had the connection to the nova vs butler game to prove it and the game went exactly. Zack kept deleating my post

    5. Gary is a fucking faggot ,he said Alabama,

    6. Should make a challenge for these two, each picks a single game and may the best knowledge win. Settle this BS. I mean we can't do 10 paces anymore can we?

  4. Saban was 106-6 when leading at the half. He is now 106-7, in 2017. Total of 113 games.

    7th prime = 17'
    Prophecy = 106
    Scottish, Dishonest, Mainstream = 113

  5. Replies
    1. Hmm,
      wonder what color it is...

      Fanta the nazi drink, war tribute

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. you bafoons think they are going to signal future winners.
    yea right. they will subliminal you the wrong direction if anything.

    1. Subliminally yeah. That's why you aught to become aware of the messages and signals they're using on you, and then you can figure out what they're conditioning you for.

  7. Hunger = 73 =STONE doomsday rocks, Games = 45= REV Apocalpyse revelation of the doomsday rocks. Hunger Games means Stone Revelation......The movie the SHINING by the great Stanley Kubrick a High Priest look at his movie poster it was YELLOW, He was warning us of the future Yellowstone catastrophe he had an advanced playbook so to speak...All of this NIBIRU stuff is simply the Nibiru Timelines Matrix grid ( the WatchTower) is merging into the Solar System Timelines Matrix Grid run by Saturn.. If you will this is causing what you know as the mandella effect....The StarGate Portal is opening.......

  8. The Denver Broncos (last year's Super Bowl champions) were referred to as the Orange Crush in the 1970s and 80s.

  9. This is very disgusting to mention but the color "Orange" represents ritual sodomy to the Freemasons. Why do you think they make the inmates/prisoners wear orange jumpsuits in most prisons? While the masses are sleeping these perverts are busy indoctrinating all of their disgusting rituals/beliefs into society.

    "Orange " in the English Reduction system equals 33
    "Inmates" in the English Reduction system equals 27
    "Clemson" in the English Reduction system equals 27
    The Octal value of "27" is "33"

    "Prisoners" in the English Ordinal system equals 133
    "Ritual Sodomy" using the S-Exception equals 65
    The 65th prime is "313"
    "Clemson Tigers" in the English Reduction system equals 60
    The Hexadecimal value of "60" is "3C"(or 33)

    1. You are correct.
      Orange, like anything, means multiple things, depending on how much you know.
      What you described is one the meanings, and indeed the reason why prisoners (and "astronauts") wear orange.

  10. Orange Crush! Who is Orange and who are they crushing? Get it?

  11. @Nos

    They are really saying "SQEEZING" dry

    Like dRAINing the Swamp😎

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    1. What happens if you wire them the money and nothing comes back?

  13. I'm sitting here watching "taking the stage" (reduces to 12 on a date jan 12), and there is noticeable imagery for ORANGE and PURPLE themes.

    the performances seem ritualistic in nature, too.