Tuesday, January 10, 2017

48 110 | 'Trump's first big test', the confirmation hearings of Jeff Sessions (Racist), January 10, 2017


I've been expecting some significant Trump headlines today, and here is why.

It is January 10, or 1/10.  PRESIDENT = 110

1/10/2017 = 1+10+20+17 = 48 (Donald Trump = 48)


  1. Trump's tweet on the 3rd had tomorrow's date spelled out as, 'JANUARY ELEVENTH'
    'January eleventh' = 64 or 8 x 8, 88
    'Trump' = 88
    In grade school, Tommy Hilfiger clothes had 88 ' s on them. Hilfiger was a known racist and the 8's stood for H's. 88 = 'HH' = hail hitler

    The acting president, obama, has a conclusion speech tonight... Trump will be sure to tweet his mind. Or illuminate us on what will be in his speech.

  2. 'Sessions Comes Out Swinging' = 332
    Flip of 233, the 51st Prime and 13 Fibonacci...

    Jeff Sessions is from Alabama, the NCAA FB losing team's state.
    He was their state's 44th Attorney General. 44.

  3. 1+10+17= .. 28..
    1+10+20+17= .. 48 ..
    1+1+0+(2+0+1+7)= .. 12 ..

    28+48+12= .. 88 ..

    Tuesday January Tenth Twenty Seventeen" in the English Reduction system equals 135 / 144

    The Key of David= 135

    The Key of David Trump" in the English Reduction system equals 88

    The Key of David Trump" in the English Ordinal system equals 223

    223-88= .. 135 ..

  4. 135-88= .. 47 ..

    Trump David" in the English Reduction system equals 47

  5. Sessions is a graduate of University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.

    The SAME place they had the phony "Armed Standoff at the Credit Union" ... this morning ...

    Where they rolled out all their Best "Population Control Toys".

    In a DISPLAY of Armored Hardware that was eerily reminescent of the "Military Parades" held for Dictators in "other countries".

    Was this FEAR PAGEANT a sign?
    That under Sessions' "rule" we can expect much more of the same?

    Have to think on it, but the "Armed Standoff incident" MUST be full of Symbolic Messages --

    It's occurrence at a "Credit Union" seems especially significant.
    As does the (fictional) "culprit" being --
    "Someone Who Didn't Belong There".

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