Tuesday, January 10, 2017

27 31 47 66 85 | Clemson defeats Alabama in College Football National Championship, January 9, 2017

Last year the final score was 45-40 in favor of Alabama.  (85 total points)
This year it is 35-31 in favor of Clemson. (66 total points)

Both score sums relate to the National Football League.

'50' connects to '66'.


*The first Super Bowl season was 1966, the year the Packers defeated the Chiefs.
*Chiefs = 50; Kansas City = 50; America = 50

'50' was also the big number for Dabo Swinney, the 47-year old who was given 47% odds of winning the championship

The game also came 50-days from Swinney's birthday.

Remember, '47' was the number, and Swinney is 47-years old.  The first Super Bowl was in the 47th season of the NFL, again Packers over Chiefs.

1/9/2017 = 1+9+20+17 = 47 (Deshaun Watson = 47) (Jalen Hurts =  47) (Nick Saban = 47)
1/9/17 = 1+9+17 = 27 (Clemson = 27) (Alabama has 26 game winning streak.... lost in #27)

As I pointed out before the game, Swinney is from Alabama, and has a '31' birth numerology connection through his November 20 birthday.

11/20 = 11+20 = 31

#13 caught the game winning pass from Clemson.

Notice down below, the starting QB for Alabama had 31-attempts, to go with Alabama's losing 31-points.

Again, 31 is the 11th prime number, and football is a game of 11 on 11.

Clemson and Alabama are now 1-1 in National Championships.


This was the first championship for Clemson in 35-years.


I hope to goodness the winning score of '35' isn't a nod to Tom Brady, who has a lot lining up for him being in Super Bowl 51.

8/3/1977 = 8+3+1+9+7+7 = 35

Also, let us not forget this is the 97th season of the NFL.

9/19/2015 = 9+19+(2+0+1+5) = 37; Nick = 37; Seventeen = 37


  1. cashed on Clemson based on lane kiffen not calling the plays

  2. Maybe its after 49 days for sweeneey cuz clemson is 121. Reveleation. Score 66
    I like the orange 33

    South Carolina in Simple Gematria Equals: 156

  3. 4th quarter, 7 seconds left after the P.I. - more 47

    1 second left on 3rd down after #13 caught the game winner

  4. it's very likely that we need to take into account the play callers on both sides of the ball when considering potential decodes of a given game, more so than the QB's. football plays are inherently scripted, in and of themselves. a little cooperation between the opposing shot callers doesn't seem implausible at all.

  5. Go check my post on the Football Championship Article from yesterday. This post will make mores sense.

    Dabo Thirty Five" in the English Reduction system equals 74

    Now Dabo is 7-4 in Bowl Games after last night's win.

    William C. Swinney = 74

    Saban Thirty One" in the English Reduction system equals 63

    David King of Israel" in the English Reduction system equals 85

    David King of Israel" in the English Ordinal system equals 166

    There is Narratives much more important going on here than Tom Brady and The Superbowl.


    1. Good call on the Clemson Tigers win!

  6. The score of the game equaled 66 points, as stated above.

    I keep coming across 66. A multiple of 11

    The score for the Seattle Sehawks vs. Detroit Lions game was 26-6. Not making a connection, but without my notes, I will have to come back to this 66.

    Also noteworthy, look at the logos left in the playoffs...
    New England and Texas have the same tilted 'All-Seeing Eye' Red, White Star in the Blue Field.

    Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Sehawks also have the one eye silhouette thing going on. Lots of one eyed logos. Raiders were included before last weekend with their mascot's eye patch.

    The last thought I have is ridiculous but also noteworthy.
    The Waco, TX standoff with leader David Koresh lasted 51 days. It occurred in Texas, a fair distance from Houston. I haven't looked too hard, yet, but I may be the only one interested in that.

    1. 'Branch Davidians' = 66
      'Branch Davidian' = 660 (66?)
      'Waco' = 42 (Freemason)
      'Waco' = 15 (Flipped 51)
      'Waco, Texas' = 666
      'Waco, Texas' = 111 (Date of tomorrow's Trump speech)
      'David Koresh' = 696 (Flipped Speed of Saturn)
      'David Koresh' = 116 (Flipped 911)

    2. Seattle is 206 area code (Seahawks win with 26 a lot)
      26+6 = 32 (NFL = 32) (America = 32)

    3. From the date of the Super Bowl to the Waco Siege on 4-19 is a span of 74 days. Admittedly a stretch, but ending a 51 day standoff..

      74 (Masonic)

  7. Hey boys I gave you CLEMSON!! I also gave you the Steelers and Packers Giants OVER..I have followed the riddle the High Priests are giving us and am on a ROLL!!.Wow If you guys even knew why ESPN kept showing the still shot of Deshaun Watson and his BOW and ARROW POSE!! I will give you a hint it doesn't tie to football, Did anyone catch the theme for the game last night?? GIMME SHELTER!!! You still don't get it boys do ya? We about to get HIT!! and the Bow and Arrow from Mr Watson was a Big Clue.......You think the story of the 50 lb DumbBell that crashed through the windshield of a car on the New Jersey Turnpike isn't connected?? Its another clue from the High Priests Boys and im on this Riddle for us....11th to the 12th is a heads up period .....Now why did Clemson win last night you ask? It was a precursor to the coming ORANGE events! Volcanic and all..............Back with this weekends game cipher after I check more clues from the High Priests...

    1. Bow and arrow --|--> sagittarius

    2. Interesting. I'd be shocked if it's an uneventful time period from now to the inauguration. I expect more hoaxes (possibly bigger than usual), and more. It just seems like too big of an opportunity for the "high priests" to pass up.

    3. Warrick Dunn (minority Falcons owner now) built DeShaun Watson's house with his foundation. The Falcons are going to beat the Pats or the Chiefs in the SB.

  8. They kept bringing up Vince Young. First I saw on ESPN, before the game, that famous picture of Vince running for in for a TD against USC. The TD that sealed the deal of the Texas upset. Then Deshaun Watson had a very similar TD run, in the 4th quarter, to give Clemson the lead. The commentators said it looked just like Vince Youngs TD run. Then after Clemson won, Watson said all he kept thinking about was Vince Young and how he was a childhood hero to him. I think Watson was told to do and say those things. I don't know how Vince Young fits in, but it was definitely a tribute to him. I noticed one of the last teams he played for, in the NFL, was the Packers. It could be nothing though, just a coincidence...

    1. He was born in Houston and drafted in 2006. Houston stands out because of the SB. I looked at the SB played in 2006, the same year Vince Young was drafted, and it was SB 40 Steelers vs Seahawks...were they hinting towards this rematch?

  9. I think the fact that Clemson won with 35 and Clemson hasn't won in 35 years is a nod to Tom Brady = 35

  10. Deshaun Watson may signify Dak Prescott. Watson is a young black QB who wears #4 and pulled off an upset. Prescott is a young black QB who wears #4 and can potentially pull off an upset against the Patriots. In Chinese Astrology, the SB will be played in a Rooster year. Dak is a Rooster. Many QBs have won their first title in their astrology year. Prescott has a chance to become the first rookie to win a SB. I always wondered why in the past couple seasons the Cowboys were always in the headlines, even when they sucked.

    1. clemson had 420 yards offense

      dak prescott = 42

    2. I don't think if the cowboys made it to SB51 it would most likely be against NE. I don't think a black rookie QB would beat Brady and Belicheck in the Super Bowl.

  11. Warrick Dunn (minority Falcons owner now) built DeShaun Watson's house with his foundation. The Falcons are going to beat the Pats or the Chiefs in the SB.

  12. Dwight Howard coming home to ATL from Houston is another clue.

  13. They said will Nick Savannah (Satan) get his sixth championship in 8 seasons. Which words equals 58 again?

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