Sunday, February 4, 2018

12 22 73 83 215 350 | Nick Foles has 215-yards passing at halftime, the Philadelphia area code +Other Super Bowl 52 halftime stats

Early in the game, there was a conversation about why #24 was guarding #17 Alshon Jeffery, then they later revealed they were college roommates...  Apparently, all season the Patriots have used their larger CB to guard opposing teams top receivers, but for the Super Bowl, the ritual was more important...  How can anyone think these games are legit with this type of mockery?

24+17 = 41; Super Bowl = 41; 41, the 13th prime

Tom = 12; MVP = 12; Tom wears #12
Eagles up with 22, the master builder number, the number of men on the field

It's a difference of 10-points.  Ten = 39 (Super Bowl 39 rematch)

If the Eagles do win, they will become 1-2 in Super Bowls against #12...

The Patriots have 350-yards of offense on the 35th day of the year at halftime.
The Eagles have 323 yards...

And Nick Foles has 215-yards, the Philadelphia area code (215).

*Dan Patrick of the announcing crew said, "If you like numerology"... then explained the Foles stat.

You also have to like Tom Brady's 12 yard average per pass.

The Patriots leading receiver has 83 yards.  Football = 83; Tom Brady born 8/3
Super Bowl LII = 73; Alshon Jeffery with 73-yards

ALSO, the last scoring drive by the Eagles began with 1:52 on the clock.

Pennsylvania = 152

Another good Nick Foles stat was this one from earlier...

Notice this early stat, with the 149 passing yards...

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