Tuesday, February 6, 2018

33 58 156 174 223 911 | BBC writes, 'The people who think mass shootings are staged', February 2, 2018

You have to love that the BBC (223) put out this article on February 2, 2018, the most perfect day of the year to mock those who call out the FALSE FLAGS.

February 2 is the 33rd day of the Gregorian calendar year.

Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33; Order = 33; Police = 33 (All in Full Reduction)

The date also had numerology of 42.

2/2/2018 = 2+2+20+18 = 42

Don't forget who likes the number 42...

As for the BBC... B is the 2nd letter, C is the 3rd, thus BBC is 223...

The Synagogue of Satan are the light-skinned Jews, those who claim to be Jews but are not.

Remember, by knowing the code I called out the weekend of Yom Kippur all year, warning of a massive false flag, possibly the biggest since September 11, 2001.  It came true.

See my work on Stephen Paddock and Las Vegas shooting here:


And notice what they did with 'Have some respect'...

As for the 58-dead... recall...


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