Saturday, September 8, 2018

26 53 57 98 131 | Alabama's 57-point win, September 8, 2018 and what it foreshadows for the Patriots and Super Bowl

I love it!  Alabama wins with 57!

Remember this?:


This win comes 53-days from Nick Saban's 67th birthday.  67, the 19th prime

Nick Saban got his 6th championship at age 66....

October 31, or 10/31, is like 131...

The shape of the football is the Vesica Piscis, summing to 53.

The NFL season is underway, ending with Super Bowl 53.

The Falcons are hosting in their 53rd season, where Nick Saban won the championship last year.

This accomplishment for Nick Saban came on September 8, or 9/8.

Last year was the opening season of Mercedez Benz Stadium, in the 98th NFL Season.

This year Bill Belichick can win his 6th Championship at age 66, the man who once coached with Nick Saban in Cleveland.


Further, Alabama's QB was born in '98.

Today's game came on his 191st day of his age.

191, the 43rd prime

Remember last year Nick Saban tied Bear Bryant.  Alabama won with 26.
TUA = 2+3+1 = 6 (Nick Saban got #6, with #13, Tua; 13, the 6th prime number)


The opening night of the NFL season with on September 6, 2018, a date with 26 numerology.

9/6/2018 = 9+6+2+0+1+8 = 26

-Nick = 26 (Nick Foles got 26th career win)
-#26 Ajayi scored 2 TDs, Coleman, #26 scored 1 TD
-No other number scored a TD
-Eagles kicked a 26-yard field goal
-Falcons were stuck on 351 regular season wins (26th triangular number)
-Matt Ryan was stuck on 260 career TD passes

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