Sunday, September 9, 2018

45 54 98 114 | MLB Action September 8, 2018 +Houston beats Boston 5-3 & the Indians and Braves stand out

Boston was defeated by Houston on this day, making their record 97-46.

It reminds that the "Boston" Patriots won the Super Bowl in Houston to conclude the 97th NFL Season, winning with the 25-point comeback on 2-5.  97, the 25th prime; Falcons = 25

The 46th loss is important because...

Houston, Texas = 46; Patriots = 46; Tom Brady = 46; Michicgan = 46

Don't forget Tom Brady was the 199th pick out of Michicagn; 199, the 46th prime

The score of the 9/8 came was 5-3.

Patriots = 53 / 98
New England Patriots = 98
Tom Brady = 98; Michigan Wolverines = 98

Looking for Boston to pick up their 98th win against Houston today, September 9, on Sunday Night Baseball, the same day the Patriots play in Houston, starting the 99th NFL Season.

The Indians won 9 to 8, on 9/8...

See what the Braves did down below... the most standout score of the day...

The Braves won 5-4... 45-days before the World Series.

Baseball = 54 / 54; MLB = 54; Major League = 45

Just like there was a riddle with the Braves and Indians at the All-Star break, there is a riddle with the two teams on this day leaving 114-days left in the year, before the 114th World Series.

This also feeds into our narrative with the NFL, where there are major patriotic and native themes.

*I'll also note the Yankees won 4-2 over the Mariners in the 42nd State.  NYC = 42
History = 42 / 114; It is the Mariners' 42nd MLB season

*The Rockies win over the Dodgers is crucial on this date as well

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