Saturday, September 8, 2018

9 18 45 54 114 162 | September 8, 2018 MLB Standings & reminder to lookout for today's games, 45-days before 114th World Series

These are the MLB Standings heading into September 8, 2018 games, none of which have been played today:

The Red Sox have 97 wins after 9/7 games are played, September 7.  They also have 45-losses coming into the day that is 45-days from the World Series.

Today is special for this reason.  251 is the 54th prime

54 outs
18 half innings
162 games in a season

Today, the day leaving 114-days left in the year, is also 45-days until the start of the 114th World Series.

When you sum 1 through 9, it totasl 45.  9 innings...

And don't forget this bonus gematria, all breaking down to 9...

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